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Maximize your Sales Opportunities with customized Solution Sizing

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Welcome to IBM Sizing Guides. Use these quick links to take action:

New! SugarCRM - Sugar Sizing Guide
SugarCRM - Sugar Sizing Guide
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New! eICBA10 version 10
Core Banking
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New! Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager (TNPM)
IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager is network performance management software for wireless, wireline and convergent networks.
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Popular! SAP Interactive Quicksizer
Web-based interactive sizing tool to find a server to handle a given number of SAPs or users
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Popular! Autodesk Vault
This Autodesk Vault hardware sizing guide applies to the Autodesk Vault Product line. The guide is optimized for a single Autodesk Data Management Server site. The resource calculations are based on document centric work flows.
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About Sizing Guides
Announcing the z13 mainframe
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IBM Sizing Guides provide point-and-click access to software solution specific hardware requirements to meet customer immediate and growth requirements on IBM systems.

Sizing Guide Benefits
Altogether, comprehensive IBM PartnerWorld development resources can improve your sales, technical, marketing and product skills for IBM hardware and software. Specific features include:

Sizing Guide Advantages
IBM sizing guides are just the essential tool you’ve been looking for to deliver fast, precise, customized hardware recommendations to your customers, prospects and partners - without sacrificing budgetary and staffing resources that are better applied to more mission-critical projects. Plus, IBM offers sizing guides at no cost to you. All you need to invest is a minimal amount of development time and effort up front. Once you have published your sizing guide, it will be available around the clock from anywhere in the world, providing the hardware recommendations required by prospects, customers and partners whenever they need it.

Available Worldwide Around the Clock
Your sales team and customers can size a solution featuring your application at any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world.

Consistent Sizing
The sizing guide provides a consistent solution every time, so it sets correct expectations for your customers.

Automatic System Updates
Currently-available IBM systems are automatically recommended, so you don't have to worry about updating your guide for new or withdrawn systems.

Easy to Get Started
Leverage IBM’s user-friendly toolkit to quickly and easily create your sizing guide

Wide Range of Support
Sizing guides support IBM Power Systems servers - AIX, IBM i, Linux operating systems. Sizing guides also support IBM System Storage Disk Systems DS, XIV and Flash families.

No Cost to you
IBM provides the tools and environment to create, host and run your sizing guide at no cost to you

"The Sizing helps clients to make better decision about choosing the solution and also to analyze the solution performance, .... usage and in turn leads to effective cost savings." ....Top ranking Software Solutions Provider

"Sizing guides helped us in determining the most suited hardware....and requirement for futuristic expansion of customer transactions and hence achieving the confidence of customer." - A leading Banking Solution Provider

"Without the Sizing Guide, which is tried and tested, convincing our customer would be a lot more difficult." ....Leading Solution Provider for retail Industry

"Sizing guide helped in opportunities appearing and pushing through the sales cycle faster and easier by compressing sales proposal cycle time by 30%.” ....Leading Open source ERP solution provider.

"Using the sizing guide, we were able to propose a rightly integrated solution to our clients which in turn has increased their efficiency and productivity as they now have a fine mix of applications and underlying hardware technology." - An emerging Scientific and Business Service provider

Sizing guides are part of IBM PartnerWorld’s development resources, which were designed to help you improve your bottom line by providing valuable resources for the development, marketing and ongoing support of your IBM software solutions. IBM PartnerWorld puts IBM technology, experience and expertise at your fingertips. More importantly, program resources are dedicated to helping you manage the complete solution development lifecycle, including:

Strategic vision: Roadmaps to help establish product and platform development decisions

Product development: Access to IBM server and software platforms to facilitate development, testing and demonstrations

Go-to-market: Tools to enable accurate, consistent system-sizing recommendations, in addition to various co-marketing initiatives

Customer support: Solution validation and testing for server upgrades, software enhancements and ongoing technical support

Solution enhancement and redevelopment: Hardware resources to infuse additional value and functionality into the solution

ISV Engagement Process is a 3 step process - Recruit, Build and Sell.

Announcing the z13 mainframe
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Sizing guides can be launched to size ISV solutions via the run link provided for each solution listed on IBM Sizing Guides website. Sizing Guide user will be presented with sizing input questions for a specific ISV solution. Once the user completes the online questionnaire IBM Sizing Engine - Workload Estimator (WLE) will use this data and the sizing guide logic to recommend IBM Power and Storage systems. Sizing Guide users can modify inputs and further refine recommendations to reflect specific requirements.

A number of working guides are shown under Resources- Examples. Try the examples and see how a guide can act as a powerful sales tool for required application.
How to use Sizing Guide

  1. Sizing Guides can be accessed through sizing guide website
  2. Search and run the ISV sizing guide.
  3. User will be presented with questions to collect the solution requirement.
  4. IBM Sizing Engine will use this data and the sizing guide logic to recommend IBM hardware.
Announcing the z13 mainframe
Watch and learn how to
search Sizing Guides

The IBM Sizing Guide search engine simplifies finding Sizing Guides for specific business needs based on solution, type, server platform and industry.

Announcing the z13 mainframe
Watch and learn how to
create Sizing Guides
  1. Go to IBM Systems Workload Estimator to download the latest version.
  2. This will require a universal IBM user ID, If not registered, please follow the registration details available on the developer download link.
  3. There are 2 options of download (Download Director or HTTP) available for the following installable:
  4. After downloading the suitable executable, open the folder containing the installable and double click it to start the installation. If it is a compressed file, it would require extraction before install.
  5. Download the Resources - Toolkit to easily create the sizing guide for the right hardware component that is critical to meeting customer requirements because complete solutions dictate a specific mix of software and hardware.

Host IBM Sizing guide to gain visibility with resellers and direct sales team or to help customers right-size hardware requirement. IBM Sizing Guides recommends the best fit IBM system to satisfy workload performance and virtualization requirements on current IBM hardware offerings and wide range of support. Host completed Sizing Guide on IBM website or own website or both.


Toolkit overview
The Sizing Guide toolkit consists of IBM Systems Workload Estimator download instructions, example and documentation files that give full authoring control to create, test and run a Sizing Guide customized for the application.

The Workload Estimator uses a template-driven, building-block approach to quickly develop a Sizing Guide, without requiring advanced programming skills. IBM Sizing Guides provides a consistent solution every time, so it sets correct expectations for end customers. Currently-available IBM systems are automatically recommended for new or withdrawn systems. It supports extensive Virtualization Support on Power Systems.

Example files and documentation (optional)
The example files consist of corresponding sets of input (OEM) files and output (HTML) files for the Simple Mail and Comprehensive Workload examples. Use the Workload Developer to open the OEM files to see how a Guide is created, while the matching HTML files run on Web browser and show how the completed Guide appears when run by a user using IBM Systems Workload Estimator sizing engine.

The Design Documentation files provide in-depth information on how the Simple Mail Server and Comprehensive Workload Examples were created.

The Example and Design Documentation files for the System i and p server platforms are grouped for the Simple Mail and the Comprehensive Design examples in downloadable .zip files. Download the appropriate example files to use as a reference when creating the Guide.

Links to the Simple Mail Server and Comprehensive Workload Sizing Guide examples are given below. The Simple Mail Server examples show solutions for a mail server application running on various IBM Systems platforms. The Comprehensive Workload examples show solutions that demonstrate the power and versatility of Sizing Guides in more detail.
To see how Sizing Guides perform for actual applications, go to Search for a Solution Sizing Guide. A variety of Sizing Guides are available that generate sizing for solutions ranging from single-system to multi-system, multi-tier solutions.

Simple mail server examples

Comprehensive examples

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