What’s new in IBM Watson Customer Engagement

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THINK Marketing

THINK Marketing is a one-stop site for the latest trends, best practices and use cases. Submit a blog or video that links to a thought leadership paper or your marketplace entry.

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Your voices

Share your Business Partner experience.

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Video sharing

Learn how IBM is approaching the market and understand the specifics of how, together, we will capture the opportunity.

An exclusive place to learn what's new, exchange ideas and access sales and marketing assets.

Resources for conversations that gain momentum

Evolve competencies to enhance your benefits

Competencies Overview

Whether you are interested in joining the behavioral data conversation, transforming your business to a SaaS model or looking to be inspired by empirical insight, we have powerful possibilities.

Demo Assets

We’ve created one powerful portal to help you navigate the vast expanse of IBM Watson Customer Engagement demo content. Now all the valuable demo resources you need - from narratives to videos to sandbox environments and base demo assets - can be accessed from one place.