Watson Build 2017 Champions

IBM launched Watson Build for the first time in February 2017. The program reached over 1,300 business partner executives, received 400 AI based concepts, supported 100+ partners to develop an AI solution on IBM Cloud, and enabled partners to take their solutions to market. In the end, IBM selected 8 partners for their outstanding solutions, naming 7 Watson Build Geography Champions and 1 Watson Build Global Champion.

Global Champion

Blueit Group developed bioBOTGuard, a solution that uses drone technology and Watson Visual Recognition to help agronomists and farmers save time and money. The solution enables “Precision Farming as a Service” by improving monitoring activities and field operations.

Asia Pacific
Geography Champion

BondEValue tracks, manages, and analyzes bond investments through intuitive, multi-device digital platforms. The application uses Watson Natural Language Classifier and Natural Language Understanding to screen news text and provides relevant metrics and sentiment analysis around information that impact bond prices.

Latin American
Geography Champion

Systax developed Legal Search Tax Classifier, a solution that uses Watson Conversation and Watson Explorer. Legal Search Tax Classifier helps answer corporate tax questions, speed compliance processes around tax obligations and reduces costs.

Wildcard Champion


Elinar’s winning solution, AI Miner, enables any organization to detect privacy data (for example GDPR) and then take action on it. AI Miner uses many Watson services including Watson Natural Language, Watson Understanding, and Watson Document Conversion. The solution trains AI to detect privacy data unique to a customer’s way of doing business by leveraging that customer’s own, custom data.

Greater China Group
Geography Champion

HNA, developed Bright Pattern, a maritime shipping platform that helps simplify and speed the handling of shipping containers. This solutions leverages IBM Watson technology comprising an array of APIs and services for natural language understanding, sentiment analysis, emotional analysis, and speech to text transcription in eight languages.own, custom data.

North America
Geography Champion

Kilroy Blockchain developed Riley, an interactive mobile experience using Watson Visual Recognition, Watson Voice and Image Recognition, and Watson Content Hub. Riley supports the blind and visually impaired with real-time geolocation and audio descriptions.

Middle East and Africa
Geography Champion

SenzIT received their title for Evidencer, an integrated software solution that captures, archives and analyzes live proceedings from police stations and courtrooms. It comes equipped with multi-channel recording, multi-device compatibility, and broadcast options along with security features. The solution features many Watson services including Speech to Text, Tone Analyzer, and Sentiment Analysis.

Geography Champion

TDI developed Smart Zoo, an application that enhances the zoo experience. It gives special memories for visitors by providing new experiences and enriching customer journeys before, during and after visiting a zoo. Built with Watson Visual Recognition, Conversation, Speech to Text, and Text to Speech.

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