Watson Build 2018 online workshops

These videos offer insights into AI, IBM Watson and Cloud services, IBM Design Thinking, Developing a Business Plan and Watson Build 2018.

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Additional learning

Business Partners that qualify for the Build phase will receive $7,000 IBM technology credits, development tools, self-service learning, access to IBM technical experts who will help you bring your concept to life. These resources will become available at the start of the Build phase in August. In the meantime, we have curated the best resources to jump start your learning.


May 21 – July 17

Participate in Watson Build 2018 and get these benefits!

Review the Watson Build Business Plan submission template.

Never created a business plan? No problem, listen to an IBM expert breakdown how to simply create one.

See what solutions, built with Watson, are available in the market today.



August 6 – November 6

Want to know more about Watson APIs? Watch this overview by an IBM technical expert.

Learn more about developing a solution by watching this demo on building a prototype with Watson.

Review the Cloud platform and all services available to you!

These actionable guides show you how to complete common technical tasks.

Get access to dozens of code patterns, overviews, architecture diagrams, process flows, repo pointers, and additional reading.

Watch advocates in discussing everything from interesting open source technologies, IBM Code Patterns, recent events, site updates, and cool code projects.

Jump start your code with Watson starter kits on IBM Cloud!



February 2019

Get inspired by the 2017 Watson Build Geography Champions! Watch as they present their final solutions in New York City.

Hear the story behind the 2017 Watson Build Global Champion, Blueit.

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