North American Watson Build Challenge Overview

Congratulations to our North America Champion, Wildcards, and Phase II participants who embraced the Watson Build Challenge to create a cognitive solution to take to market – and transform the world. Read more about our Phase II participants and their innovative prototypes.

What is the Watson Build Challenge?


Congratulations to Quilmach and Sirius Computer Solutions, our North America wildcard finalists.

Phase II Participants

Thanks to our Phase II participants, who faced fierce competition

North America Winner

Kilroy Blockchain – North America Watson Build Challenge Geo Champion

RILEY (Real Life Adventure) - An AI and Blockchain application, RILEY allows the blind and visually impaired to see the real world through an interactive audio description of their surroundings.

By strategically combining Watson Cognitive technologies and IBM Blockchain, Riley gives users reliable audio descriptions of their surroundings. Users simply download Riley to their smartphone or tablet, which communicates with Watson real time to help them “see”.

Riley also grows smarter over time as it asks for feedback from the user, sighted guides, and family members, making it more accurate and detailed via machine learning.

Kilroy Blockchain

North America Wildcard solutions

Quilmach’s CARMEN, a Watson-based cognitive system, helps users determine their ideal career path. It mentors for lifetime career planning progression for “generation zero” (those graduating from high school in 2018).

Sirius Computer Solutions’ ARYA WATSON leverages Watson-AI powered Chatbots to create a personalized and efficient experience for new age customers. It addresses the difficulty of businesses to instantly and effectively help customers find products, and cancel or track orders. It’s end-to-end shopping process uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to increase customer engagement through SmartBot vis-à-vis traditional mobile apps. This optimizes customer service costs, improves customer service and provides insights on buying behavior, pricing, and sentimental analytics.

Phase II Participant solutions

Watson-Enhanced Collaboration and Discovery Integrations (WECDI) automatically aggregates and curates content services with semantic analysis, making information easily accessible and preventing information overload.

Renewable Energy Management (REM) identifies sensor malfunction in wind and solar energy projects, automates sensor ordering, and replaces sensors before failure. High quality sensor data improves decision making and leads to higher ROI on renewable energy projects.

Omnichannel Conversation Analytics and Quality Management solution leverages IBM Watson in its Bright Pattern Contact Center Software to create voice transcripts, using full text search to advise agents and supervisors on sentiment real-time.

Cognitive MINERVA improves student decision making and increases advisor coverage for optimal student guidance. It provides visibility and insight into course availability and goal alignment, and accelerates collaboration between students and advisors to support a student’s need for personal attention and an advisor’s need for meeting efficiency.

DinA generates business intelligence from Wi-Fi Network data to determine what visitor sare doing digitally in real time. Using Live Event Analytics’ (LEA) insights, supplemented by DinA’s recommendations allows immediate interaction with them (marketing, info, surveys).

With the ONDEMAND product line, Emergent Healthcare uses Watson’s cognitive power to compile health records from diverse sources and in real time deliver simple, clear data to caregivers across the world.

Esri provides a new way to locate, identify, predict and optimize work to repair expensive, dangerous, and hard-to-reach infrastructure for asset-intensive industries. This is accomplished by using Watson Visual Recognition, with Esri geospatial analytics, Watson Data Science, and IBM Maximo enterprise asset management.

iDirectDoc – a Cognitive Mobile Telemedicine solution – provides doctor and patient the means to continuous care by allowing patients to provide Patient Generated Health Data a doctor can use to gain insight into the patient’s health and intervene.

Harbour Light Software’s Watson-based BlackBerry Hub increases personal productivity to project the importance of an email conversation by evaluating its user importance score.

IBM Watson integration with Blue Relay’s cognitive natural language processing engine changes how member communications are developed. Cognitive Language Engine to Assess readability (CLEAR) provides a simple way to understand content comprehension as they review in Blue Relay.

The 21st Century IoT Surgical Dashboard provides resident and medical device community guidance through quantitative data which measure surgeon, instrument, and implant performance, and how these methods may affect patient outcomes. Peer reviewed data is generated as benchmarks and displayed within the surgeon dashboard interface. This real-time method of teaching and training directly impacts surgeon / patient interaction.

Cognitive Pharmaceutical Advisor helps pharmacists find information using Watson’s cognitive capability and machine learning. The result is a pharmaceutical regulatory cognitive advisor capable of understanding questions in natural language form and providing the best response based on training provided from regulatory data gathered from various public websites.

Cognitive Security Manager helps information security officers manage organizational security more effectively. Data from a variety of tools can be organized and processed more intelligently, resulting in stronger, more efficient and more user-friendly security.

Starboard’s solution improves power grid operations by providing historical event analysis and actionable event conditions to transmission operators and planners. Watson’s Discovery API processes develops a database in which data patterns correlate to specific events in the NY power grid. Data can be used for real time or near real time control room decision making.

The eduBot framework helps manage academic progress, access products and services, and share timely, relevant information to current or prospective students. It integrates seamlessly with existing applications and is customized for academic institutions. It

Cognitive TRACE supports environmental sustainability through expertise in contaminated site remediation, specifically off-site disposal of contaminated soils. It tracks soil from when it leaves the contaminated site to its final disposal site.

The Z'Concierge Cognitive and curated shopping experience leverages retailers' big data and consumer analytics, personalizes shopping advice, maximizes in-store conversion, and reduces product returns.

1 Solution descriptions were provided by the IBM Business Partner and edited by IBM.