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IBM Channel Value Rewards – Solutions (Industry Authorization)

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On April 10, 2018, CVR-Solution integrated three distinct IBM solution incentives – Capability Authorization, Industry Authorization and Value Advantage Plus – into a single incentive – Channel Value Rewards - Solution.

Business Partner solutions that were approved for Capability Authorization, Industry Authorization and Value Advantage Plus Solutions were migrated to CVR-Solution with new Solution IDs. Business Partners should have received their new Solution IDs the weekend prior to April 10, 2018.

Business Partners previously approved for CVR-Software Sales/Sales Assist will be able to self-select and migrate existing opportunities not submitted for payment for CVR-Solution. This includes Business Partner opportunities created and approved for Capability Authorization and Industry Authorization.

Channel Value Rewards (CVR) – Solutions (Industry Authorization) is an initiative for IBM's most highly industry skilled Business Partners.

CVR – Solutions (Industry Authorization) recognizes and rewards industry focused Business Partners who sell value-add solutions that implement the business capability of an IBM Industry Solution Offering.

Industry Solution Offerings are prescripive IBM software offerings when combined with Business Partner’s value-add deliver targeted solutions to industry clients’ challenges and opportunities.

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    Attention IBM Business Partners with approved software solutions

    IBM software channel programs are being updated to reflect the 2015 IBM Brand restructuring that better aligned IBM products and solution offerings to the marketplace. Effective January 12, 2016, IBM brand updates will be reflected in Software Value Plus (SVP) Open Distribution Product Groups. Then in April 2016, IBM will align the SVP Authorized Distribution Product Groups to the new IBM brands. Part numbers and product descriptions will remain unchanged.

    Business Partner software solutions approved for SVP Capability Authorization, SVP Industry Authorization, Value Advantage Plus, and Value Advantage Plus for Government (VAP-G) will automatically be revised to reflect the updated Open Distribution Product Groups. Business Partners do not need to take any action.

    When submitting new VAP-G and SVP Solution Incentive opportunity registrations for eligibility approval, Business Partners must use the new IBM brand names. Business Partners are strongly advised to refer to the Distributed Software Pricebook to ensure the correct brand family revenue records are created for the Open Distribution Product Group software products.

    Existing SVP Solution Incentive opportunity registration component records will not be updated to reflect the new Open Product Groups. IBM will honor SVP Solution Incentive opportunity registrations submitted for eligibility prior to the January effective date and subsequently submitted for payment.

    Frequently asked questions will be available shortly on the IBM SVP website. Business Partners may also send questions via email to:

    For additional program information Business Partners are directed to the following resources:

    IBM Value Advantage Plus and Value Advantage Plus – Government Operation Guides website
    SVP Capability Authorization website
    SVP Industry Authorization website


Business Partners approved for CVR-Solutions (Industry Authorization) are entitled to the following benefits:

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