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Selling IBM Software

IBM offers distribution models for maximizing your profits by reselling IBM Software, based on your clients' needs and your investment in skills. IBM organizes all IBM Software Group products into Open products and the Authorized portfolio. All IBM Business Partners may resell Open products. IBM Business Partners who have obtained Authorization through IBM Software Value Plus may resell products from the Authorized portfolio.

Open products

Open productsOpen products

These products may be resold by all IBM Business Partners through the Passport Advantage program. Passport Advantage is a customer program designed to provide IBM customers with worldwide software license acquisition, including Fixed Term Licenses and Software Subscription and Support. Passport Advantage customers can acquire licenses, software maintenance, and renewals online, through IBM directly or through IBM Business Partners.

Authorized portfolio

Authorized productsAuthorized products

Authorized products are designed to reward Business Partners who invest in skills and high value solutions. Business Partners must sign the IBM Business Partner Agreement for Software Value Plus. Authorized IBM Business Partners are encouraged to display the IBM Business Partner emblem upon final approval of the Business Partner Agreement (BPA).

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