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IBM Renewal Value Incentive

Incentive for reselling Subscription and Support

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The IBM Renewal Value Incentive (RVI) is an incentive on the sale of IBM Software Subscription and Support for IBM Business Partners who continue to provide value add to customers to whom they sold the new software license and received a value incentive through IBM Software Value Incentive, IBM Value Advantage Plus, IBM Value Advantage Plus for Government or IBM Solution Software Value Incentive.

RVI benefits Business Partners in several ways:

To participate, you must be a Business Partner in good standing in either Software Value Incentive or Value Advantage Plus and be authorized in IBM Software Value Plus.

List of countries where RVI is available:

What's new

Additional countries added in Q1 2015

Effective January 1,2015, the IBM Renewal Value Incentive is available in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives. See Requesting the incentive to learn more about eligibility and how to earn additional rebates when a fulfilling renewal.

Q4 2014 North America Charts and Replay Information
This set of charts and the corresponding call replay allow you to get a fast start in Q4 with a refresher on the Renewal Value Incentive. Learn how to maximize your rebates on original new license sales sold since January 2008 through an IBM value program. Find other ways to earn RVI rebates on new license sales when also selling outyears Subscription and Support (S&S) at the same time.

Listen to RVI webcasts replays:

Renewal Value Incentive Update for Business Partners in North America
Listen to this RVI update to learn about additional ways to earn RVI and find out about simplifications that now help you earn RVI.

Tips for submitting Renewal Value Incentive requests
Hear helpful tips for helpful information about requesting RVI on your orders.

Renewal Value Incentive compliance tips
Helpful tips for meeting RVI compliance are presented, including a review of documentation samples, how the compliance sampling process works and what you will be expected to do for compliance.

Renewal Value Incentive and RVI Opportunity List Q&A
Hear additional questions and answers about RVI and the RVI Opportunity List report.

Introduction to the IBM Renewal Value Incentive Opportunity List - Updated March 2015
Learn how you can review upcoming renewal quotes to determine RVI eligibility.

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