Through the use of the Smarter Cognitive Opportunity Recommendation Engine (SCORE) IBM uses "Fair & Equitable" criteria to recommend Business Partners to receive passed opportunities.  The Cognitive system has the ability to learn and improve over time.  In the future, Cognitive capabilities will be extended to enable Business Partners to provide feedback on the opportunities they are receiving.

For more information about how leads are recommended, please contact your local channels team.


Creation of opportunity passing

Business Partners are a core part of the IBM Ecosystem. IBM creates and passes opportunities to Business Partners who are in good standing and who are authorized to sell the Product Offering. Business Partners are required to meet certain requirements to be eligible for Opportunity Passing.

Eligibility for opportunity passing

In order to be eligible to receive or enter and register to sell opportunities you must complete all of the following:

  • Be a PartnerWorld member in Good Standing
  • Must Register for My Sales Activity (MySA)
  • Must have the appropriate Authorizations
  • Must select a Value Added Distributor (VAD)
  • Complete a PartnerWorld Profile

Learn more about how to progress and manage an opportunity with MySA and GPP.

Managing and progressing opportunities

MySA capabilities

  • Create and manage opportunities owned by the Business Partner
  • Receive opportunities passed by IBM to the Business Partner
  • Identify and designate opportunities for Co-marketing funding recognition
  • Create and submit requests for opportunity-based incentives

If a Business Partner is already using MySA, they can continue using it.

GPP capabilities

  • Finding and updating the GPP Focal ID, the prime contact for Opportunity Passing
  • Receiving and accepting leads from IBM

Get started

Step-by-step guides

Education specifically targeted to help you quickly understand the process to enter, receive, accept and progress your IBM leads in the Global Partner Portal.

Entering a lead in Global Partner Portal (GPP)(PDF, 419KB)

Finding and updating the GPP Focal ID (PDF, 617KB)

Receiving and accepting leads from IBM (PDF, 412KB)

Progressing my leads (PDF, 293KB)

Frequently asked questions

Understand how to best position yourself to receive leads from IBM, how lead passing with IBM works and why it is important to you to progress your IBM leads.

Frequently asked questions (PDF, 329KB)