The following training materials will help you understand how lead passing can work for you and the process steps you need to know to accept and work with IBM opportunities.

Prioritize and manage your leads

Use Global Partner Portal (GPP) propensity to close (P2C) rankings to manage your time and prioritize your pipeline

Propensity to Close uses IBM's Smarter Analytics technology to help assess the likelihood of a opportunity to close, and can help Business Partners with multiple leads prioritize how to invest their time to produce the biggest return! Download the GPP propensity to close to learn how.

GPP propensity to close (PDF, 186KB)

New Aged pipeline notifications help you manage leads and pipeline better

Beginning in May 2013, pipeline notifications will be sent to all Business Partners who have passed leads or submitted leads into GPP. These notifications will:

  • Help you keep your pipeline information updated in GPP -- which is essential for your own planning
  • Put you in a better position to receive more leads from IBM

Business Partner Pipeline Notifications (PDF, 485KB)

Get started

Step-by-step guides

Education specifically targeted to help you quickly understand the process to enter, receive, accept and progress your IBM leads in the Global Partner Portal.

Entering a lead in Global Partner Portal (GPP)(PDF, 419KB)

Finding and updating the GPP Focal ID (PDF, 617KB)

Receiving and accepting leads from IBM (PDF, 412KB)

Progressing my leads (PDF, 293KB)

Frequently asked questions

Understand how to best position yourself to receive leads from IBM, how lead passing with IBM works and why it is important to you to progress your IBM leads.

Frequently asked questions (PDF, 329KB)