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IBM Software co-marketing

Double your marketing funds!


With IBM software co-marketing, IBM will pay 50% of your eligible costs for approved marketing activities.

Learn more about why you should use software co-marketing.


Business Partners must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible for funds:

*Business Partners selling open distribution software must be SVI and/or VAP approved. In countries where SVP is unavailable, contact your IBM software co-marketing focal.

Get started
  1. Check your eligibility for software co-marketing using the above criteria.
  2. Consider engaging an  IBM approved agency or your VAD to help you with your campaign.
  3. Plan your marketing activities with your VAD, IBM rep, or software co-marketing program manager. Your program manager will ask you to submit your request in the Co-marketing Center (CMC).
  4. Sign into CMC. Accept the Incentive Offering (IO) and the terms and conditions. Be sure to read the terms and conditions.
  5. Submit your Marketing Activity Plan (MAP)
  6. Once approved, execute your campaign using available resources such as Business Partner Ready content found on the IBM Digital Content Marketing platform.
  7. Enter all leads generated from your campaign into the Global Partner Portal (GPP). Follow these steps if you are not using GPP applies to SaaS Solution Providers and SaaS Referral Incentive Business Partners:
    SaaS Solution Provider
    Complete the SaaS DET form (XLSX, 174KB) and send to
    SaaS Referral Incentive
    As you complete the SaaS Referral Incentive lead form as required to receive your incentive, enter the UCID from your co-marketing activity in the Customer Project Name field.
  8. File your claim for reimbursement, including the required proof of performance listed in the Software Co-marketing Terms and Conditions.

Progress and close your leads to record the success of your marketing campaign.



Learn more about why you should use software co-marketing.

Business Partners can get end-to-end campaign assistance from approved IBM marketing agencies and VADs.

Review Business Partner best practices to generate ideas.

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