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Digital Experience vNext Technical T3 sessions

Session Speaker(s) Replay files
xDxVNext_01+02_Intro and Overview Brian Chaput, Rob Will, Thomas Stober Agenda (PDF, 264KB)
Presentation (PPT, 12.4MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:38:23, 6.6MB)
Chat transcript (TXT, 46KB)
xDxVNext_03_Digital Data Connector and Social Rendering Dieter Buehler, Juergen Schaeck Presentation (PPT, 9.82MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:44:05, 7.56MB)
xDxVNext_04a_Script Portlet Jaspreet Singh, Gaurav Bhattacharjee Presentation (PPT, 518KB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:15:10, 2.6MB)
xDxVNext_04b_RAD Tooling Jaspreet Singh, Gaurav Bhattacharjee Presentation (PPT, 371KB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:15:00, 2.6MB)
xDxVNext_05a_Attribute Based Security Stefan Behl, Carsten Leue, Andreas Zehnpfenning, Sascha Schefenacker Presentation (ODP, 376KB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:05:44, 1009KB)
xDxVNext_05b_Site Authoring Toolbar Steffen Uhlig, Paul Thomas, Stefan Hepper, Jason Cornell Presentation (ODP, 2.4MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:47:42, 8.2MB)
xDxVNext_06a_EMM Integration Steffen Uhlig Presentation (ODP, 318KB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:35:00, 6MB)
xDxVNext_06b_HD Video Streaming Integration with Brightcove Stefan Hepper, Jason Cornell Presentation (PPT, 3.3MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:36:27, 6.3MB)
xDxVNext_07a_Search Andreas Prokoph Presentation (ODP, 190KB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:17:24, 3MB)
xDxVNext_07b_httpOutbound_Cloud_Operations Thomas Stober, Andreas Prokoph, Paul Kelsey, Tony Higham Presentation (ODP, 2.5MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:17:29, 3MB)
xDxVNext_08_ThemeUpdates Stephan Hesmer Presentation (ODP, 1.3MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:44:20, 7.6MB)
xDxVNext_09_Mobile John Boezeman, Jon Lidaka, Tyler Tribe Presentation (ODP, 952KB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:27:26, 4.7MB)
xDxVNext_10a_InstallConfig David Nixon Presentation (ODP, 261KB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:20:30, 3.5MB)
xDxVNext_10b_Migration to v8.Next Joseph John Presentation (ODP, 1MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:40:59, 7MB)
xDxVNext_11_Offering Entitlements Tyler Tribe, Lauren Wendel Presentation (PPT, 1.3MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:15:28, 2.6MB)
xDxVNext_12_Demos-POTs-labs Rob Enright, Nicole Carrier, Dan Collins, David Rosenfeld Presentation (ODP, 3.6MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:16:50, 2.9MB)
xDxVNext_13_UnifiedTaskList and FEB Task Provider Marty Lechleider, Lorenzo Cipriani Presentation for UTL Task Provider (ODP, 595KB)
Presentation for UTL Configuration (ODP, 1.4MB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:15:32, 2.7MB)
xDxVNext_14_WCM Syndication Eric Morentin, Lee Berry / Asela J Mallawaaratchy, Will Izard Presentation (ODP, 765KB)
Audio replay (MP3, 00:45:17, 7.8MB)

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