Associated Brand or category: Industry Solutions

IBM announced it has acquired Daeja® Image Systems, a leading provider of software that makes it easier for business and IT professionals to view large documents and images. Daeja Image Systems is a privately held software company with headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK.

As unstructured business data continues to grow exponentially, business users need not only access to information, but a compelling user experience as well. By putting content in the context of how people work every day, professionals can solve problems and make decisions that deliver better outcomes, faster.

Daeja Image Systems delivers software that helps line of business employees across all industries, especially data intensive ones such as banking, insurance and healthcare, get faster access to critical business information. Users can open and view hundreds of document and image file formats, even if the native application is not present on their devices, which saves time and enables social collaboration and document sharing across the organization.

Authorized product group: Enterprise Content Management

Announced on 19 Sep 2013

Closed on 19 Sep 2013

Transfer of Business on 1 Apr 2014

Planned Availability on 1 Apr 2014

* Dates are subject to change based on needs of the business.