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Associated brand or category: Business Analytics

OpenPages' integrated set of products automate the process of identifying, measuring and monitoring all the different areas in an organization that risks will impact.

The software allows businesses to develop a comprehensive compliance and risk management program across a variety of risk domains, including operational risk, financial controls management, IT risk, compliance and internal audit.

The result is an aggregated, enterprise-wide picture of all risk exposure, helping CFOs and CIOs understand how risk can impact the organization's future performance.

Press release

Authorized product group: Cognos

Announced on 15 Sep 2010

Closed on 20 Oct 2010

Transfer of business on 01 May 2011

Planned availability on 01 May 2011

Contact: Maura Cieslik

Sandy Campbell

IBM Software Group Marketing Manager

Sandy Campbell

Sandy is a marketing manager for the worldwide Software Group Channel Marketing team, with over 20 years of experience across IBM software marketing. Her expertise is in Ready to Execute (RTE) marketing campaigns for Business Partners. If you are a partner or agency looking to leverage our RTE campaigns, or would like some education on how to access and use our RTE campaigns, please contact Sandy. She is always willing to take you on a tour of our Ready to Execute marketing program.

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Sandy Campbell

Sandy Campbell - IBM Software Group marketing manager

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