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Green Hat

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Green Hat

Associated Brand or category: Rational Software

Green Hat is a leader in software quality and testing solutions for the cloud and other environments. Founded in 1996, Green Hat helps customers improve the quality of software applications by enabling developers to leverage cloud computing technologies to conduct testing on a software application prior to its delivery.

Historically, to run simulation testing on a software program, a development team must construct an actual testing lab made up of both hardware and software. This time consuming and labor intensive process has become even more compounded with the short development cycle needed to compete in rapidly expanding markets such as those for smart phones and tablets. By using Green Hat's solutions, a virtual test environment can be set up in a matter of minutes versus weeks, and for a fraction of the cost.

Green Hat will be integrated into IBM's Rational Software business. When combined with the IBM Rational Solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management, developers and testers can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and collaboration while delivering quality software to their business. IBM and Green Hat will help customers maximize continuous integration of an application, including creating virtual protocols, message formats, services, customization and engagement with third-party software.

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Authorized product group: Rational Software

Announced on 4 January 2012

Closed on 11 Jan 2012

Transfer of Business on 1 July 2012

Planned availability June 2012

Contact: Sika Sullivan (

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