This archive page is a list of IBM acquisitions that closed over 2 years ago.


  • Aspera (Closed 16 Jan 2014)
    Aspera Inc.’s technology helps companies securely speed the movement of massive data files around the world. Licensed to clients and Business Partners either in the cloud or on premise, Aspera's high-speed transfer technology reduces transmission times for large files or data sets by up to 99.9 percent – potentially cutting a 26 hour transfer of a 24 gigabyte file, sent halfway around the world, down to just 30 seconds. By combining Aspera with the power of cloud computing, customers have a practical way to transport big data files to and from the cloud.
    Business Unit: IBM Cloud. Access the press release.


  • Algorithmics (Closed 21 Oct 2011)
    Algorithmics risk analytics software, content and advisory services are used by banking, investment and insurance businesses to help assess risk, address regulatory requirements and make more insightful business decisions.
    Business Unit: IBM Cloud. Access the press release.


  • AptSoft Corporation (Closed 18 Jan 2008)

    AptSoft is a recognized leader in the Complex Event Processing (CEP) software market providing a design and execution platform to help companies implement a new class of event-driven applications that take advantage of a service oriented architecture. CEP is particularly well suited for applications that identify and manage risk and business opportunities, such as fraud detection, logistics, customer service, fleet management, sales/marketing coordination, algorithmic trading, supply chain optimization, and exception processing.
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  • BigFix (Closed 19 Jul 2010)

    BigFix provides an integrated architecture for endpoint management that will enhance existing capabilities in the IBM Integrated Service Management portfolio. Its offerings automate a broad range of tasks, including device configuration, software distribution, asset management, vulnerability remediation, compliance assessment and security management, giving clients real-time visibility and control of multiple endpoints. Client will be able to secure and manage assets in their data center and those distributed globally, such as virtual server workloads and remote laptops. IBM software incorporates BigFix technology, which is renamed the IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager products.
    Brand: Tivoli Software. Access the press release.

  • Butterfly (Closed 24 Sept 2012)

    Butterfly offers storage planning software and storage migration tools, helping companies save storage space, operational time, IT budget and power consumption.
    Brand: Tivoli. Access the press release.


  • Cast Iron (Closed on 3 May 2010)

    Cast Iron Systems, the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) & Cloud Application Integration provider, enhances IBM's marketshare leading business integration software portfolio. The challenge businesses face in reaping the full potential of SaaS is integration – making new cloud-based applications work with the disparate systems running in their data centers. With the addition of Cast Iron Systems to its software portfolio, IBM is able to offer our clients a complete platform to integrate cloud applications from leading providers including, Amazon, NetSuite and ADP with on-premise applications, such as SAP and JD Edwards.
    Brand: WebSphere. Access the press release.

  • Clarity (Closed 20 Oct 2010)

    Clarity systems delivers financial governance software that enables organizations to automate the process of collecting, preparing, certifying and controlling financial statements for electronic filing, in support of mandates by the SEC and other financial regulatory agencies.
    Brand: Cognos. Access the press release.

  • Coremetrics (Closed 15 Jan 2011)

    Coremetrics, a web analytics company, expands IBM's business analytics capabilities by helping organizations gain real-time insight into consumer interactions internally and through social media networks to develop faster, more targeted marketing campaigns.
    Brand: Industry Solutions. Access the press release.

  • Cognos (Closed 31 Jan 2008)

    Cognos, a leading provider of Business Intelligence and performance management technologies, makes software that companies use to help them plan, understand and manage financial and operational performance. Cognos query and reporting, analytical, scorecarding and dashboarding, and planning, budgeting and forecasting tools enable applications and users to leverage such information and provide business intelligence to gain faster insight and return on investment from this data.
    Brand: Business Analytics. Access the press release.

  • Cúram Software Ltd. (Closed 20 Dec 2011)

    The acquisition of Cúram Software Ltd. expands IBM’s ability to help cities and governments serve citizens better by adopting more intelligent and efficient ways to assess needs, execute social programs, and maximize program results. Cúram, which means "care and protection" in Irish, was founded in 1990 and is based in Dublin, Ireland.
    Brand: Industry Solutions. Access the press release.


  • Daeja Image Systems (Closed 19 Sept 2013)

    Daeja Image Systems is a leading provider of software that makes it easier for business and IT professionals to view large documents and images. Daeja delivers software that helps line of business employees across all industries, especially data intensive ones such as banking, insurance and healthcare, get faster access to critical business information. Users can open and view hundreds of document and image file formats, even if the native application is not present on their devices, which saves time and enables social collaboration and document sharing across the organization.
    Brand: Industry solutions. Access the press release.

  • Datamirror Corporation (Closed 31 Aug 2007)

    Businesses increasingly need to sense and respond to critical information in real time, to support Dynamic Warehousing and Information On Demand initiatives. The acquisition of DataMirror extends IBM Information Server, allowing customers to better exploit operational data by capturing and delivering real time information. DataMirror's industry leading technology delivers heterogeneous database breadth, scalability, and performance, providing the enterprise class infrastructure our customers demand. The combination empowers our customers to generate more value from their data by delivering trusted information at the speed of business.
    Brand: Information Management. Access the press release.

  • Datacap (Closed 10 Aug 2010)

    Datacap strengthens IBM’s leadership in the increasingly important enterprise content management (ECM) space — specifically around capturing documents and information from unstructured content. Capturing, managing and integrating all forms of content throughout an enterprise can be a daunting task, given the large volume of documents that currently only exist in paper formats. Toward that end, Datacap makes technology that allows organizations to quickly and easily capture and extract key information from documents and convert it to images that are stored electronically.
    Brand: Industry Solutions. Access the press release.

  • DemandTec, Inc. (Closed 15 Feb 2012)

    DemandTec, Inc. extends IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative by adding cloud-based price, promotion and other merchandising and marketing analytics to help companies better define the best prices and product mix based on customer buying trends.
    Brand: Industry Solutions. Access the press release.


  • Emptoris Inc. (Closed 1 Feb 2012)

    Emptoris Inc. is a leading provider of cloud and on-premise analytics software that brings more intelligence to procurement and supply chain operations with spend, supplier and contract management for Smarter Commerce.
    Brand: Industry Solutions. Access the press release.

  • Encentuate, Inc. (Closed 11 Mar 2008)

    Encentuate is a leading provider of identity and access management (IAM) software focused on enterprise single sign-on and strong authentication. This technology can help organizations increase productivity through a unified user experience, address compliance issues through access control and audit, and lower expenses by reducing inefficiency related to password resets.
    Brand: Tivoli software. Access the press release.

  • Exeros (Closed 05 May 2009)

    Exeros, a leading provider of data discovery software, strengthens IBM's Information Agenda strategy, which helps companies turn data into a strategic asset. Exeros offers new capabilities for the IBM Business Analytics Optimization consulting practice. Its technology automatically uncovers hidden relationships between databases, so clients can make sense of disparate data sources much faster than otherwise possible. This capability, which can dramatically reduce the cost of data-intensive projects like data warehousing and master data management, can help clients generate the new levels of intelligence needed to identify market trends and predict business outcomes with more certainty.
    Brand: Information Management.


  • FilesX (Closed 21 Apr 2008)

    FilesX specializes in continuous data protection with near-instant recovery software for mid-market clients, enterprises and remote/branch offices. With its unique, patented technology, FilesX helps IT staff restore data from virtually any type of failure and from nearly any point in time. Ease-of-use and self-managing features make FilesX offerings particularly attractive in environments where IT skills and budgets are limited. It becomes part of (and is complimentary to) the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) family. The Blue Washed version of the FilesX codes was announce in PPA on 7/29/08, under the name of TSM FastBack.
    Brand: Tivoli software. Access the press release.


  • Green Hat (Closed 11 Jan 2012)

    Green Hat is a leader in software quality and testing solutions for the cloud and other environments. Green Hat helps customers improve the quality of software applications by enabling developers to leverage cloud computing technologies to conduct testing on a software application prior to its delivery.
    Brand: Rational. Access the press release.

  • Guardium (Closed on 30 Nov 2009)

    Guardium is a market leader in real-time enterprise database monitoring and protection. The acquisition of Guardium enables IBM to better meet clients' growing needs for trusted information and regulatory compliance, with technology that continuously monitors access and activity to protect high-value databases against threats from legitimate users and potential hackers alike. It can also help clients streamline and automate compliance processes for ever-changing industry and government mandates. Designed for cross-platform environments, Guardium's technology identifies patterns and anomalies in data access and usage, and detects fraud and unauthorized access via enterprise applications such as an organization's ERP, CRM or Data Warehousing solutions.
    Brand: Information Management. Access the press release.



  • i2 (Closed 5 Oct 2011)

    i2 expands IBM's big data analytics software for smarter cities by helping both public and private entities in government, law enforcement, retail, insurance and other industries access and analyze information they need to combat crime, fraud and other security threats.
    Brand: Industry Solutions. Access the press release.

  • ILOG (Closed 29 Dec 2008)

    ILOG is a provider of software which helps customers improve their management of business decisions through powerful, easy-to-use business tools related to business rules, optimization and visualization. ILOG's technology adds significant capability across our entire software platform: improved rules and business optimization capabilities for our WebSphere and Information Management offerings, better visualization for Lotus and Rational products, and enhanced optimization within Tivoli solutions. ILOG's optimization products, along with their supply chain management extensions, will also support key practices in Global Business Services.
    Brand: WebSphere software. Access the press release.

  • InfoDyne (Closed 29 Apr 2008)

    InfoDyne provides direct market data feed and algorithmic trading solutions to the financial markets, where low-latency messaging and millisecond response times are critical. A former IBM Business Partner, their open, flexible and cross-platform products will be integrated into the WebSphere brand portfolio and complement our existing business events and SOA middleware offerings.
    Brand: WebSphere software. Access the press release.

  • Initiate (Closed on 1 Mar 2010)

    Initiate has particular technical strength and expertise in the public and private Healthcare industry and in government. The combined IBM/Initiate portfolio enables IBM to address a deeper and broader set of client scenarios across Healthcare, unmatched in the industry. It extends our leadership in deploying healthcare solutions that support HL7 and HIPAA to make information available at the point of care regardless of location – across providers, payers and other patient care areas.
    Brand: Information Management. Access the press release.

  • Intelliden (Closed on 16 Feb 2010)

    Intelliden extends Tivoli's network management offerings and helps accelerate return on investment with network discovery, security and control, change and configuration management, provisioning, compliance resource reconciliation and software upgrade capabilities for multi-vendor networks. Intelliden’s applications are built upon a highly flexible, production-hardened platform that can scale up to hundreds of thousands or down to a few hundred devices, such as routers, switches, hubs and firewalls. Intelliden's open, standards-based solutions provide a real-time view of heterogeneous network configurations and policies, and enable a very high degree of network reliability, performance and control for virtual and cloud-based applications as well as next-generation communications services.
    Brand: Tivoli software. Access the press release.

  • Internet Security Systems (ISS) (Closed on 20 Oct 2006)

    Internet Security Systems (ISS) provides security solutions to thousands of the world's leading companies and governments, helping to proactively protect against internet threats across networks, desktops and servers. ISS software, appliances and services monitor and manage network vulnerabilities and exploits and rapidly respond in advance of potential threats. This acquisition advances IBM's strategy to utilize IT services, software and consulting expertise to automate labor-based processes into standardized, software-based services that help clients optimize and transform their businesses.
    Brand: Tivoli Security. Access the press release.



  • Kenexa (Closed 4 Dec 2012)

    Kenexa, a leading provider of recruiting and talent management solutions, brings a unique combination of Cloud-based technology and consulting services that integrates both people and processes, providing solutions to engage a smarter, more effective workforce across their most critical business functions.
    Brand: IBM Collaboration Solutions. Access the press release.


  • Lombardi (Closed on 25 Jan 2010)

    Lombardi adds a new dimension to IBM's enterprise-wide business process management (BPM) capabilities by giving organizations the ability to quickly adjust their business processes to support changing needs, especially critical in today's collaborative, team-based work environments. Building on complementary strengths, IBM and Lombardi will offer products, services and training that enable end-to-end BPM solutions. Lombardi is part of the Application and Integration Middleware business comprising WebSphere Software, and a key element of IBM's BPM and Connectivity portfolio.
    Brand: WebSphere software. Access the press release.


  • MRO Software (Closed 06 Oct 2006)

    MRO Software, based in Bedford, Massachusetts, is a maker of asset and service management software and services. MRO Software makes products that help companies manage the various items that keep their operations running smoothly, from scheduling preventative maintenance work, to tracking work orders, to analyzing equipment failures and tracking spare parts inventories. These tools help clients make the most of their assets, such as production equipment, facilities, fleets and vehicles.
    Brand: Tivoli software.


  • Net Integration Technologies, Inc. (Closed 15 Feb 2008)

    Net Integration develops essential solutions for small and medium businesses that help simplify file management, directory services, e-mail, backup and recovery, and other business tasks. The solutions are designed for small business customers with little or no in-house technical expertise. Net Integration possessed an award winning product and proven technology known as Nitix. IBM has taken and enhanced the Nitix products, integrating them into the Lotus Product portfolio. The new product line is now known as Lotus Foundations.
    Brand: Lotus software. Access the press release.

  • Netezza (Closed 10 Nov 2010)

    Netezza is a leading creator of analytic data warehousing appliances that provide clients with a quick, simple and efficient way to deliver high-performance analytics capabilities across an enterprise.
    Brand: Information Management. Access the press release.


  • Ounce Labs Inc. (Closed 28 Jul 2009)

    Ounce Labs Inc. provides source code (static) security testing tools that help companies identify and resolve security vulnerabilities in applications, enabling developers and security professionals to reduce the risks and costs associated with security and compliance concerns. With this acquisition, Ounce Labs becomes a part of the IBM Rational software business and a critical component of the Rational AppScan portfolio of application security and compliance software.
    Brand: Rational software. Access the press release.

  • OpenPages (Closed 20 Oct 2010)

    OpenPages' integrated set of products automate the process of identifying, measuring and monitoring all the different areas in an organization that risks will impact.
    Brand: Business Analytics. Access the press release.

  • Outblaze Ltd. (Closed 16 Apr 2009)

    Outblaze Ltd operates one of the largest online service platforms for the provision of secure, private-label messaging, collaboration and social media services to other service providers, telecommunications operators, corporations, academia, media and publishing companies. It was one of the first companies to offer a fully hosted, multilingual e-mail service. With unique capabilities for private label branding and administration, the Outblaze messaging service assets will become part of LotusLive IBM's online social networking and collaboration service designed for business, providing customers with more choices in messaging solutions.
    Brand: Lotus software. Access the press release.


  • Princeton Softech, Inc (Closed 10 Sep 2007)

    Princeton Softech offers proven archiving capabilities, allowing users to segregate historical from current data and store it securely and cost-effectively. Princeton Softech is one of the few vendors that provide application archival. Comprehensive test data management capabilities will allow for creating realistic, right-sized test databases, protecting data privacy in vulnerable development and testing environments and validating test results.
    Brand: Information Management. Access the press release.

  • PSS Systems (Closed 12 Oct 2011)

    PSS Systems is a leader in information governance, with expertise in analytics and software solutions that help organizations manage legal risks and reduce costs by setting information disposal policies that meet legal requirements.
    Brand: Enterprise Content Management. Access the press release.


  • Q1 Labs (Closed 25 Oct 2011)

    Q1 Labs is a provider of security intelligence software. The move aims to accelerate IBM’s efforts to help clients more intelligently secure their enterprises by applying analytics to correlate information from key security domains and creating security dashboards for their organizations.
    Brand: IBM Security Systems. Access the press release. Access the press release.



  • Solid Information Technology (Closed 29 Jan 2008)

    Solid Information Technology provides innovative in-memory database management. This real-time, all-the-time information access supports applications that require a small footprint, high throughput and availability to power mission critical high performance applications, telecommunications, and other systems around the world.
    Brand: Information Management. Access the press release.

  • Star Analytics (Closed 9 Mar 2013)

    The combination of IBM and Star Analytics, Inc. software further advances IBM's business analytics initiatives allowing clients to easily access financial information stored in their applications, allowing them to make more informed decisions faster.
    Brand: Business Analytics. Access the press release.

  • Sterling Commerce (Closed 27 Aug 2010)

    Sterling Commerce expands IBM's ability to help organizations create more intelligent and dynamic business networks by simplifying and automating the way they connect and communicate with customers, partners and suppliers both on-premise or through cloud computing delivery models.
    Brand: Industry Solutions. Access the press release.

  • StoredIQ, Inc. (Closed 7 Feb 2013)

    The acquisition of StoredIQ advances IBM’s efforts to help clients derive value from big data, respond more efficiently to litigation and regulations, and dispose of information in an automated way that has outlived its purpose.
    Brand: Industry Solutions. Access the press release.

  • SPSS (Closed on 2 Oct 2009)

    SPSS Inc. is a leading global provider of predictive analytics software and solutions. Its software portfolio, which includes data collection, statistics, modeling and deployment, captures people’s attitudes and opinions, predicts outcomes of future customer interactions, and allows clients to act on these insights by embedding analytics into business processes. SPSS solutions address interconnected business objectives across an entire organization by focusing on the convergence of analytics, IT architecture and business process. SPSS's predictive analytics capabilities will become an essential component of the smarter business systems that IBM is helping organizations build, as they confront the complex challenges the exponential growth of data presents.
    Brand: Business Analytics. Access the press release.


  • Tealeaf Technology, Inc. (Closed 13 Jun 2012)

    Tealeaf Technology, Inc., is a leading provider of digital customer experience management and customer behavior analysis solutions.
    Brand: Industry Solutions. Access the press release.

  • Telelogic AB (Closed 03 Apr 2008)

    Telelogic AB products help organizations define, model, build, test, deliver and govern the development of software used in complex systems such as aircraft radar or a car’s anti-lock braking system. The combination of IBM and Telelogic AB will expand value for developers that design, develop and deploy complex systems that include embedded software and give life to so many products including PDAs, microwave ovens, navigation equipment, and aircraft.
    Brand: Rational software. Access the press release.

  • The Now Factory (Closed 29 Oct 2013)

    The Now Factory provides analytics software that helps communications service providers (CSPs) deliver better customer experiences and drive new revenue opportunities. Using The Now Factory’s software, CSPs can gain real-time insights into their customers by analyzing massive quantities of network and business data. With this type of insight, CSPs can provide an enhanced quality of service to their customers by better managing negative experiences and network outages.
    Brand: Information Management. Access the press release.

  • Tririga (Closed 15 Jan 2011)

    Tririga is a provider of facility and real estate management software solutions. Its software helps clients make strategic decisions regarding space usage, evaluate alternative real estate initiatives, generate higher returns from capital projects, and assess environmental impact investments.
    Brand: Tivoli Software. Access the press release. Access the press release.

  • Trusteer (Closed 3 Sept 2013)

    Trusteer, Ltd. Is a leading provider of software that helps protect organizations against fraud and advanced security threats. Trusteer helps hundreds of organizations including many financial institutions protect Web applications, employee and customer computers, and mobile devices from threats. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly efficient in creating and deploying attacks to bypass existing security controls.
    Brand: IBM Security. Access the press release.


  • Unica (Closed 5 Oct 2010)

    Unica Corporation is a leading, global provider of enterprise marketing management (EMM) — software designed to help businesses improve the efficiency, execution and measurability of their marketing operations. Unica will expand IBM's ability to help organizations analyze and predict customer preferences and develop more targeted marketing campaigns.
    Brand: Industry Solutions. Access the press release.

  • UrbanCode (Closed 22 Apr 2013)

    UrbanCode Inc. technology automates the delivery of software, helping businesses quickly release and update mobile, social, big data, cloud applications. UrbanCode’s application release and deployment automation software capabilities further strengthen IBM’s DevOps portfolio which is designed to simplify and speed the entire software development and delivery process for businesses.
    Brand: Rational. Access the press release.



  • WebDialogs (Closed 21 Aug 2007)

    WebDialogs provides web conferencing and event services delivered to customers via a Software-as-a-Service business model. This solution allows companies to subscribe to Web-delivered conferencing services, rather than purchasing software licenses that are deployed and managed on-site. WebDialogs gives businesses of all sizes the ability to collaborate beyond the corporate intranet with easy to use, easy to acquire web conferencing services.
    Brand: Lotus software. Access the press release.


  • Xtify (Closed 3 Oct 2013)

    IBM announced the acquisition of Xtify Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based mobile messaging tools that help organizations improve mobile sales, drive in-store traffic and engage customers with personalized offers. The acquisition will help extend IBM’s mobile capabilities to digital marketers across all industries ranging from retail to citizen engagement in the public sector through cloud-based services.
    Brand: Industry Solutions. Access the press release.