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System z software Top Contributor Initiative

Program overview

If you are an IBM Business Partner with the unique skills and client relationships to provide coverage for mainframe clients, you may be eligible for the System z software Top Contributor Initiative (TCI) program.

The System z software TCI program seeks to recruit and compensate eligible Business Partners to serve mainframe clients, particularly in General Business, Public Sector and midmarket accounts.

The TCI for System z Software Business Partner program has 2 primary components:

  1. TCI for System z software sales assistance for MLC Software
    1. Compensates Business Partners for influencing the sale of new or additional MLC licenses, MLC version upgrades and for identifying System z software compliance issues.
    2. Business Partners receive a fee for their successful sales efforts.
  2. TCI for System z software One-Time Charge (OTC) Reseller
    1. Qualified Business Partners can purchase IBM System z software tools at a discount and remarket them to their customers.
    2. Tool discounts are based on customer set, with greater discounts being given for accounts where IBM does not invest in direct System z sales reps.

Learn more

If you have brand, industry, product or customer skills and would like to learn more about the System z software Top Contributor Initiative program, including eligibility requirements, compensation details, and more – please contact the sales leader for your region listed below.




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Central/East Europe

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