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Smarter Cities Narratives

This easy to use sales tool is designed to help you deliver the Smarter Cities message by allowing you to share a powerful and visual customer centric story with your clients. The most important use of this tool is telling a story to help connect the art of the possible with your clients. Its interactive design allows you to tell the scripted story and to navigate to “behind the scenes” areas of interest based on the client's specific business needs. The “behind the scene" views shows IBM capabilities that will drive your client's Smarter Cities transformational journey.

These narratives will be provided for different use cases and can be accessed with your iPad or via HTML. As new use cases are developed, they will be added to the list below so check back often for new additions.

iPad demos:

HTML demos:


Download the instructions below on how to load and use either the iPad or HTML demo.

Download and listen to the Smarter Cities narratives webcast to learn how to deliver a narratives demo.

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