Authorization to resell IBM Software products is achieved at the Product Group level

First, determine whether the products your company intends to resell require authorization.

Business Partners can easily view up-to-date information on products authorized for sale through the reseller channel on the reseller Passport Advantage Online (PAO) site.

Once on the PAO site, choose the "Price Files" link and download the file for the desired country. These files include Software Value Plus information. There are both software and SaaS versions of these files.

Products identified as "open" do not require authorization. Please see open products:

How to become an authorized IBM Software reseller

Products you intend to sell require authorization, follow the steps in the order below. Click the link below then click "Create a new company registration":

  1. Join the PartnerWorld program: If you are not already a member of IBM PartnerWorld, join today to begin a mutually profitable relationship. Click the link below then click "Create a new company registration":
  2. Enroll and participate in either *:
    • IBM CVR - Solutions (VAP): CVR–Solutions (VAP) requires an approved solution containing a product within the Product Group(s) you want to sell. (Enrollment is through your PartnerWorld Profile)
    • IBM CVR–Software Sales/Sales Assist: CVR-Sales/Sales Assist requires one sales and two technical certifications, in the Product Group(s) you want to sell. Find the software certifications required for each Product Group at the training and certification (eligible skills) page:
      Learn more about IBM CVR-Software Sales/Sales Assist:

    Note: You can enroll in CVR-Software Sales/Sales Assist when you register for SVP (see “Enroll” tab for steps to enroll in SVP).

  3. Apply for IBM Software reseller authorization and select a Value Added Distributor
  4. Check your authorization readiness status: The Authorization Readiness Dashboard provides IBM Business Partners their current status on Channel Value Rewards authorization requirements. IBM Business Partners are able to view their IBM certifications, CVR–Solutions (VAP) solutions(s), revenue attainment, value revenue ratio and agreement status all in one place. The Authorization Readiness dashboard is now available as part of the IBM Business Partner dashboard that provides access to overall revenue, claims / payments, and skills data.

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IBM provides comprehensive enablement options to support education, training and certifications necessary to qualify for authorization to resell.

  • Find a distributor in your country.
  • Work with your distributor or IBM Business Partner sales representative to explore enablement opportunities and support.
  • Purchase the IBM Value Package, an optional package of high-value software benefits that can help reduce your business operational expenses as you meet the qualifications for Authorized Distribution. Purchase required.
  • Learn about the You Pass, We Pay education reimbursement benefit to help offset the costs of achieving IBM software technical certifications.

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Value Advantage Plus (VAP)

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Software Value Incentive (SVI)

IBM CVR–Software Sales/Sales Assist

Rewards you for the role you play and the value your business brings throughout different stages of the sales cycle.

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