To help maximize your profit potential, IBM is enhancing and simplifying our channel incentives. These changes will help you drive growth through value-based rewards and earnings predictability. Find out more about Partner Incentives.


Premium skills, premium results with IBM Software

Customers demand to work with experts who understand their business and can help them achieve their objectives. IBM is committed to supporting an ecosystem of skilled Business Partners. Those who invest in expertise across the IBM software portfolio are well positioned to:

  • Provide value to clients with the right solutions
  • Deliver solutions with lower deployment risk
  • Offer clients an increased return on their investment

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Learn more about the different Channel Value Rewards offerings

Software incentives and initiatives

IBM Renewal Value Incentive

IBM CVR–Software Renewals

Incentive on the sale of IBM Subscription and Support.

Value Advantage Plus (VAP)

IBM CVR–Solutions (VAP)

Greater potential profit when you sell IBM authorized software products together with your value-adding solutions.

Software Value Incentive (SVI)

IBM CVR–Software Sales/Sales Assist

Rewards you for the role you play and the value your business brings throughout different stages of the sales cycle.

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