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IBM Technical Computing

Solutions that redefine high-performance computing

Why Technical Computing?

Realize faster time to value with IBM Technical Computing — intuitive and powerful systems and pre-integrated solutions for compute-intensive and big data application acceleration.



High-performance infrastructure

From improving risk analysis to shortening product development cycles or simulating the behavior of materials at nanoscale, these seemingly different goals have something in common – the need to model, forecast, and analyze complex relationships. These tasks tend to be data - and computationally-intensive, requiring infrastructure that is up to the challenge. IBM Technical Computing systems - ranging from departmental clusters through supercomputers, high-performance storage, intuitive management software, and pre-integrated solutions have been optimized to perform this type of work – efficiently and cost-effectively. Helping clients achieve better results faster.

HPC cloud

High Performance Computing (HPC) Cloud offerings have evolved from the needs of organizations to transform isolated and static IT resources into powerful, shared, remotely managed and easily provisioned IT infrastructures to support the demands of compute-intensive and big data workloads. IBM Technical Computing provides comprehensive HPC cloud solutions compromised of powerful servers, storage, and cloud management capabilities, that makes it easy for you to deploy an efficient, consolidated HPC Cloud infrastructure that meets time variant and evolving business demands - while also delivering the performance that your users demand.

Big data and analytics

With data growing at extraordinary rates and users demanding quick, effective analysis of this data, your applications need a high performance infrastructure. IBM Technical Computing solutions are designed to improve the performance of your computing infrastructure for your most demanding applications and big data workloads.

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