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IBM Power Systems

Open innovation to put data to work


Announcing the first generation of Power Systems
designed for data

Open innovation to put data to work

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Meet the new Power Systems with POWER8
architecture and processor

Put the new Power Systems with POWER8 architecture to work
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Introducing the new Power Systems and solutions

Powerful forces are changing how business gets done. Big data and analytics, cloud, and mobile are providing unprecedented opportunities to uncover insights, drive efficiencies and reach clients. Today, IBM Power Systems introduces new solutions and the first generation of systems with the open innovation of the POWER8 processor and architecture — delivering faster insights in ways never before possible.

Tap the new IT market opportunities with these innovative solutions designed to address growing markets with sharp competitive edge. Our new Power Systems and solutions provide sharp competitive edge against x86 that allows you to win.

Designed for Big Data

Get insights up to 50 times faster with systems designed for big data

Built to bring insights to the point of impact, these first generation systems are the ideal platform for analytic applications with computing power, memory bandwidth, I/O and smart acceleration. These new systems extend Powers' heritage of resiliency, availability and security for big data and analytics and scale to perform in the most demanding data requirements, sharpening the competitive of your sales proposals.

New 1 and 2 socket servers

New 1 and 2 socket servers with POWER8 technology

IBM Power System S822 / IBM Power System S814 / IBM Power System S824

Power Systems S class servers are affordable, easy-to-deploy and energy efficient application servers, consolidation servers, or standalone servers for Linux, UNIX, and IBM i workloads. Available with up to 24 cores, these 1 and 2 socket servers offer better cloud economics and security for businesses that need smaller or scale-out deployment options for data-centric applications.

IBM Power System S812L / IBM Power System S822L

Linux only based Power Systems running Ubuntu, SUSE, or Red Hat Linux are priced to compete with commodity alternatives, while offering superior performance and ROI for compute- and data-intensive applications. With both PowerVM and PowerKVM virtualization options available, these systems offer the flexibility you need to quickly integrate innovative technology solutions, avoid vendor lock in, and accelerate business results.

Optimized software and solutions

Optimized software and solutions

BLU Acceleration Solution: Power Systems Edition
Dynamic in-memory columnar solution enables faster insights from more data for business intelligence and data warehouse applications.

IBM Solution for Analytics: Power Systems Edition
Flexible integrated solution for faster insights with options for deployment of business intelligence and predictive analytics applications with in-memory data warehouse acceleration.

IBM Solution for Hadoop: Power Systems Edition
A storage-dense integrated big data platform optimized to simplify and accelerate unstructured big data analytics.


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No-compromise platform
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  • ibmi

    IBM i

    IBM i 7.2 extends the value proposition of a truly integrated operating system with enhancements to all components.

  • power enterprise

    Power Systems for enterprise

    Power Systems provide flexible computing resources for scale-up environments, delivering economic benefits for workload consolidation.

Superior Cloud Economic

Achieve better economics for scale-out data and cloud infrastructures

Power Systems - 1 and 2 socket servers provide the ideal foundation for scale-out data and cloud environments, providing your clients the performance-for-price advantages and security to confidently move more data-centric applications to the cloud.

Cloud solutions

IBM Power Systems Solution Edition for Cloud

Get your cloud up and running and adding value with a customizable, factory configured system with network, compute, storage, software, and services pre-built and pre-installed.

IBM Power Systems Solution Edition for Scale Out

Speed time to value with a cloud delivery platform built using OpenStack and leveraging open-source PowerKVM hypervisor on 1 or 2 socket Linux on Power Systems


Improve performance intelligence with enhanced performance management capabilities


Enhance virtualization administration with a simplified user experience.


Improve resource utilization and increase agility with advanced virtualization management for Power Systems built on OpenStack


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TCA vs. total cost of information
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Open Innovation

Open innovation that revolutionizes the way IT is created and consumed

Benefit from Power Systems’ open technology and an open-ecosystem delivering community - created innovation. Business Partners gain more choices and flexibility to offer complete solutions to clients’ needs including OpenStack, Linux and KVM. For Solution Developers, this means accelerated application development and time to value.

Open standards offerings

Open standards offerings

IBM PowerKVM – Kernel Virtual Machine

Optimize Linux workload consolidation at a lower cost of ownership with a single, open source virtualization option for Linux on Power Systems.

Ubuntu Linux

Gain support for the Ubuntu operating systems on the Linux servers


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