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IBM Power Development Cloud (PDP)

Remotely access IBM Power Systems for Development, Porting and Functional testing

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Welcome to PDP

The Power Cloud that enables developers offers no-charge remote access to IBM hardware, including IBM POWER8™, IBM POWER7+™ and IBM POWER7™ processor-based servers on the Linux®, IBM AIX® and IBM i operating systems. PDP is intended for Development, Porting and Functional testing only. For any Performance and Scalability testing, users are requested to approach local IICs or Client Briefing Centers.

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Try Linux on Power Systems today!

Try Linux on Power Systems today!

1. Click the Programs tab. Note that if you don't have an IBM id, you need to create one (from the login screen) so we know who you are.

2. If this is your first time accessing PDP, you'll be prompted to register. You will have 2 options for registration Business Partner or Open Source Developer.

Resources Business Partner Open Source Developer
Operating systems Linux BE and LE , AIX, IBM i Linux LE
Support Live Chat, Support Request, PMR Entitlement Support Request
Additiional benefits PartnerWorld membership Not applicable
Registration requirements PartnerWorld requirements A PDP Open Source Developer is an Open Source Developer who enables (ports/tests) applications on Linux on Power. PDP requires that Open Source Developers register with a company name and associated business email address.
An Open Source Developer is someone who creates software whose source code is published and made available to the public, enabling anyone to copy, modify and redistribute the source code without paying royalties or fees. Please see the IBM Open Source and Standards for additional information.
We reserve the right to terminate sessions and enrollments of those who do not meet the above criteria.

3. Please review and agree to our site terms and conditions. Once your access is approved you can proceed to step 4 (usually within 1 business day).

4. You can now create a reservation by selecting the program name in the Make a reservation section (no promocode is required).

5. Fill out the required fields and submit your request. Depending on the type of system selected, provisioning time will vary (30 mins to 2 hours).

6. You will receive an email when your system is active with instructions on how to access.

7. You can check on reservation status or take action on a reservation by expanding the Projects section (Virtual Server Access / Open Source Developer).

8. You can ask a question, request assistance by clicking on the Support tab.

100% of hardware agnostic Linux on x86 applications written in scripting (Java) or interpretive languages will run as is with no changes 1

95% of Linux on x86 applications written in C/C++ port to Linux on Power with no source code change, just a simple recompile and test 2

Linux leads the shift to cloud. With Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu Linux on IBM® Power Systems™ you can simply and securely deliver a broader set of services, solutions and technologies - with guaranteed system utilization for superior economics.

Try Docker open source on Power Systems today!

Docker is an open-source container engine and a set of tools to compose, build, ship, and run distributed applications.

Docker technology benefits:

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Join IBM Parterworld to take advantage of the PDP program.

Get help


Before you make a reservation

Still have questions about the program? You can use the following email or phone contact information to ask questions before signing up for a system. Select country United States to get help with pre-enrollment for PDP questions.

After you have made a reservation

For post-enrollment support, after you have reserved your PDP system, go to the PDP support page and follow the instructions.

About PDP

PDP offers a rich and secure remote access infrastructure that allows Developer and Integrators to develop, test, certify, and support their applications on IBM hardware and middleware, while working in much the same manner as if they had loaner machines in their own office.

PDP program features

  • No charge for IBM PartnerWorld members
  • Worldwide remote access
  • Save and restore for future engagements
  • E-mail and Live Chat user support

PDP blog and live group chat sessions

  • Develop, test, certify, port and demonstrate your applications

Bandwidth requirements

Technologies supported

  • IBM Power Systems: POWER8, POWER7+, POWER7
  • Linux (RHEL, SUSE and Ubuntu), AIX and IBM i

IBM Industry Application Platform software stack (PDF, 651 KB)

  • IBM software (available from Software Access Catalog)

System z Remote Development Programs

Benefits of using PDP

  • Reduced developer and integrator costs, by providing high-function hardware access without the associated costs of on-site physical servers - floor space, power, cooling, network, sys admin headcount, etc.
  • Access to a broad range of hardware systems, including larger and better-configured systems than most Developer and Integrators have available on-site.
  • Flexibility to work with multiple system configurations, operating systems (OSes), and OS levels, without requiring multiple physical servers.
  • Data security through use of current technologies such as VPN and AES encryption

How to

Tutorials and FAQs


Recommended minimum bandwidth speeds to use PDP: 700 kbps download and 250 kbps upload. PDP systems are located in Poughkeepsie, NY, USA.

Connecting to your system user guide (PDF, 1.22MB)

Test your bandwidth speeds

Advanced functionality

Middleware and applications


Turbo LAMP is a high performance LAMP stack, delivering the performance and scalability needed by today's demanding cloud, mobile and big data solutions. For more information, please visit the TurboLAMP developerWorks Community.

Do you need PDP?

PDP is intended to meet many, but not all, of the typical IBM Business Partner's requirements for access to IBM systems and middleware.

Appropriate tasks for PDP systems

Tasks unsuited for PDP

Some of the tasks that are not suited to PDP may be more appropriate to other programs, such as the IBM Innovation Centers for Business Partners.

User testimonials

Quotes from delighted PDP users

"By accessing the [Power Development Platform], we have the flexibility to tap into the latest IBM hardware and software technologies, whenever we need, to jumpstart our development activities. In the end, this type of support helps speed the development process - and is one of the many benefits that we enjoy (as IBM Business Partners)."

"It [Power Development Platform] certainly saves me trying to hunt down an AIX box in the short term, and will therefore significantly reduce our time-to-delivery."

"The [PDP] program provides me with an easy entry opportunity to develop, deploy, and support an AIX application, without requiring the reasonably significant investment in hardware, operating system, and maintenance support time that would be otherwise required."

"In addition, the potential to access multiple architectures, the [Power Development Platform] allows me to deploy my application with multiple versions, containing compiler optimisations that would not otherwise be available to me if I had access to a single AIX machine locally."

"...everything just worked - compilers were available, paths had been configured correctly, applications were in logical places."

Live Chat is currently unavailable

The Live Chat service is usually available during normal business hours. Use the \"Contact us\" email link to send us an email now.