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Migrate / Port your application to Linux with IBM

Migration opportunities

There are many ways to come to Linux.

Migration to Linux® can save thousands in lower administrative, licensing and hardware costs. It's secure, reliable and efficient, and IBM has extensive experience helping ISVs migrate to Linux using the trusted, proven processes of the Migration Factory. Learn how the following migration opportunities can help you immediately maximize your return on investment.

Your first step should be to participate in the PartnerWorld Industry Networks to receive industry-tailored benefits at no charge, including powerful marketing and sales benefits to help you generate leads and close deals.

Read more to discover how Linux and IBM solutions can work for you.

Solaris® to Linux

Ready to migrate away from Solaris onto a strategic, open, and long term platform?

Enterprise-ready security, reliability, total cost of ownership, return on investment, and roadmap stability: Linux and IBM offer great advantages over the Solaris platform. For an analyst's insight on the advantages of Linux over Solaris, see this whitepaper from the Robert Frances Group.

When you are ready, IBM's Migration Factory has helped many thousands of customers and partners migrate from Solaris to Linux. Discover the advantages of migrating to Linux with IBM, and make the change today. To engage the Migration Factory, call +1-866-migr8te or email today!

Port to multiplatform Linux

How many potential customers are you missing because your application isn't ready for Linux on Power or Linux on System z?

IBM Systems Application Advantage for Linux (Chiphopper) is IBM's premier application porting resource. Get help in porting, testing, and supporting your existing Linux x86 applications to IBM Systems and middleware platforms with minimum additional cost.

Windows to Linux

If you're ready to migrate from Microsoft® Windows® so that you can enjoy the stability, flexibility, and cost savings of Linux, get more information on an open source platform that doesn't sacrifice reliability and security.

Linux can help your business expand beyond the limitations of proprietary vendor software while offering enterprise computing qualities of UNIX.

IBM's Migration Factory can help you move your application beyond the bounds of proprietary operating systems, and onto Linux on System x, Linux on Power Systems, or Linux on System z.

Skills migrations and re-platforming

Ness Technologies, Inc. (links resides outside provides independent software vendors (ISVs) with re-platforming services (including Linux), enabling ISVs to migrate existing applications to open standards-based IBM platforms and to stay current with IBM platform changes. As a result of a joint arrangement with IBM, Ness Technologies will serve as an extended delivery arm of IBM and go-to partner for execution of re-platforming projects.

ISVs interested in obtaining services directly from Ness Technologies may learn more about the agreement and engage the Ness Re-platforming Center of Competence (IRCC) directly at Ness IBM Re-platforming Center of Competence.

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