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IBM announces four Global Training Providers

as part of Global Education Transformation

June 27, 2013

Training and education have always been an important component of the value we bring to our clients around the world. We know that for clients to deploy and use our technology effectively, they need to build their internal support capability.

To make our training more impactful, we are taking a new approach. Until now, our training has been based on an internal model – completely run by IBM. But that model has reached a point where we can no longer deliver everything we need on our own. So over the last year, we’ve been working on an important initiative to enable our IBM Business Partners to become major participants in the training challenge.

This is an important initiative, one which we did not approach lightly. We’ve placed a strong focus on quality and certification. We’re providing our IBM Global Training Providers with robust curriculum and will continue to participate with them to create world-class, highly-effective training, delivered everywhere in the world.

We have recently selected Arrow ECS, Avnet, Global Knowledge and LearnQuest as our Global Training Providers to deliver Software and Systems training to clients, IBM Business Partners and IBM employees.

With this partner-led model, we believe our training will be accessible in more countries; available in more formats; better mapped to clients’ business goals; and focus on skill development across a range of disciplines.

Our goal remains the same: help our clients, IBM Business Partners and employees build new skills and sustain the skills necessary to manage and maintain information technology for the long term.

We are confident that the four providers we have selected will help IBM accelerate the growth of skills and training for greater enablement and engagement of IBM solutions. The value of technology is realized through its implementation, and that implementation requires people who are effectively trained with the necessary skills to make the best possible use of information technology solutions.

We look forward to working with these IBM Global Training Providers to build the skills for a smarter planet.

Steve Mills Photo
Steve Mills autograph

Steve Mills,
IBM SVP Software and Systems

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