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Installation services authorization

Configuration services qualification for PureFlex

On November 13th, 2012, IBM introduced a key change regarding the setup and configuration services requirement for IBM PureFlex™ Systems. IBM Services Authorized Business Partners can choose to continue to have IBM provide PureFlex Installation services for their clients or they can choose to provide the services themselves.

This announcement allows IBM Authorized PureFlex Business Partners to bring their value - add services to market as part of the PureFlex solution, creating a potential increased revenue opportunity for their organization. In order to provide these services, Authorized Business Partners must successfully complete the following steps:

  • - Step 2 - Attend PureFlex training classes.

    Business Partners may attend either the:

      OR the
    • Five day IBM PureFlex System Fundamentals with Implementation Services (NGTB1 classroom)

    You can learn more about the schedules and terms of these classes from the PureSystems training page. Please continue to check for updates to the schedule for classes near you by visiting the IBM training website and searching for the classes listed.

    IBM PureSystems training

    IBM training worldwide

At least two shadows are required for Business Partners to become enabled and considered by IBM to be qualified to perform the set up and configuration services for PureFlex Systems.
On the first shadow, Business Partner practitioners will be able to observe how IBM executes all steps to set up and configure customer's PureFlex system within the scope of any of the IBM pre-packaged service offerings. This includes starting with preparation and planning activities, through the on-site activities, post-installation documentation as well as engagement close out.

On the second or subsequent shadows, Business Partners practitioners will have an opportunity to practice leading the tasks under supervision and with support of experienced IBM consultants.

Business Partners can contact IBM Systems Lab Services team directly to arrange shadowing on implementation of a PureFlex demo system, a proof-of-concept environment, or any lead they identify and own with their client(s).

For client opportunities identified and owned by the Business Partner, the IBM Services team will set up a Statement of Work with the client(s). Business Partners are expected to provide their resources to participate in shadowing at no cost to the client(s).

You may track and indicate completion of the requirements via SystemsConnect. If you are not a member of Systems Connect, enroll and get started today.

Upon completion and reporting of these steps, IBM will validate your achievements and you will be considered qualified upon the receipt of written notification of successfully meeting the requirements. Only those Business Partners who have successfully completed these 3 steps and received formal notice will be eligible to perform the services. Additionally, Business Partners who are enabled to provide the services will be listed on our Business Partner Locator tool on PartnerWorld.

Qualification status

View your qualification status by accessing your firm's profile in the Business Partner Technical Vitality (BPTV) system via PartnerWorld. Simply login with the authorized profile administrator userid and password and select the 'PureFlex qualification' tab.

Additional installation information

For additional installation information - please review the supplemental installation guide or contact your local IBM Business Partner representative.

Opportunity Owner (System x Sales Specialist or BP) System x Enterprise Solution Services Opportunity Manager (
Finalize the solution configuration for h/w & s/w components
Gain an agreement in principle with the end customer on the solution configuration (h/w + s/w) sans services
Review a) Lab Services offerings & capabilities with the end customer b) integration requirements for network & storage
Engage LS Opportunity Manager and provide the following input:
a) The finalized solution configuration with h/w & s/w components
b) End customer contact info, IBM Customer Number
c) If known, the customer requirements with respect to the services:

Pre-qualify the opportunity based on the initial input
Join the call to provide additional input (if applicable) Conduct a sizing/scoping call with the Opportunity Owner
Coordinate a call with the end user (if applicable) Conduct a sizing/scoping call with the end user (if applicable)

Provide the following input to the sales team
a) quantity and type of Lab Services System x Part numbers
b) any prerequisites (e.g., additional software licenses required to fulfill the services,)
Add the required quantity of the Lab Services Part numbers and prerequisite line items into the solution configuration

Develop SOW and provide it to the Opportunity Owner
Incorporate the services SOW into the solution proposal
Present it to the end user (customer)

Additional recommended skills/Learning roadmap

To build on the skills you gained from NGT11, NGTB2 and your installation experiences, there are additional topics that will ensure success for you and your clients. Topics including virtualization, cloud, and some systems building blocks are also recommended.

  • - Networks and networking

    Networks and networking are key element , in this intermediate class - NGT51 is an extensive three day curriculum that covers traditional physical networking concepts like layer 2, layer 3 implementation, high availability features and virtual networking concepts like VMready and Virtual Fabric. It also covers networking configurations seen in the editions of IBM PureFlex offerings: Express, Standard and Enterprise along with discussions on the FC switch portfolio and concepts for IBM PureFlex.

  • - Management of Pools

    Management of Pools and other factors warrant the utilization of Flex System Manager. This intermediate course NGT41, will focus on the IBM Flex System systems management building blocks. Discussions include a review of the initial setup for the Chassis Management Module (CMM), and explore the Flex System Manager (FSM). The Flex System Manager hardware, software setup, selected management tasks and navigation are reviewed.

  • - Storage and Big Data

    Storage and Big Data are very important to our customers and this intermediate course NGT61 is designed to provide you the basic operational knowledge of the Flex System V7000. This includes initial setup, configuration, and provisioning. You will look at key advanced features such as Easy Tier, Compression, and Copy Services. Upon completion of this course, you should feel comfortable with deploying Flex System V7000 storage volumes to both Power compute nodes and Intel compute nodes.

You are encouraged to view these class schedules and roadmaps for deeper education regarding PureSystems as well as additional certification you may wish to explore.

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