To help maximize your profit potential, IBM is enhancing and simplifying our channel incentives. These changes will help you drive growth through value-based rewards and earnings predictability. Find out more about Partner Incentives.


IBM offers distribution models for maximizing your profits by reselling IBM Software, based on your clients' needs and your investment in skills.

  • Open products

    Open products All IBM Business Partners can resell these through the Passport Advantage program.

  • Authorized products

    Authorized products Rewards Business Partners who invest in skills and high value solutions.

Authorized portfolio
IBM Business Partners who have obtained authorization through CVR can resell authorized products.


Business value in becoming an authorized Business Partner in IBM Channel Value Rewards.

  • Expand your support for new market segments
  • Increase your upsell opportunities
  • Make your sales cycles more productive
  • Increase your revenue

Channel Value Rewards participants may request a Technical Advocate. To be eligible for a Technical Advocate, Business Partners will be required to meet skill and technical requirements, as well as receive local sales team approval.

Steps to resell in Open Distribution countries or to only sell Open Distribution products in Authorized countries

The following steps should be taken for Business Partners who wish to resell in Open Distribution countries or who wish to resell Open Distribution products in Authorized countries.

  1. You must be a member of PartnerWorld. When you apply for PartnerWorld, you may continue on to agree to the IBM Business Partner Agreement and resell in the same application.

    To enroll in PartnerWorld, click the link below then click on "Create a new company registration":
    Join PartnerWorld

If you enrolling in PartnerWorld and applying for CVR at the same time, at the end of the PartnerWorld enrollment process you will be asked “Would you like to apply now for a Business Partner Agreement to sell IBM hardware, software or services?” Click the box and continue to step 5 below

If your company is already a PartnerWorld member, your Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) should do the following:

  1. APA defined in HQ location must sign in with IBM ID (user ID) and password;
  2. Click on "Relationship Management" (left navigation menu);
  3. Click on "Apply and Manage Relationships" (left navigation menu);
  4. Click on the "Apply for a New Relationship" button
  5. Choose the IBM software relationship type desired:
    - Software Reseller
    - Software Solution Provider
    - Support Provider
  6. Choose only "Software Open Distribution Products" as your CVR Product Group
  7. If you are also enrolling in SVI, select the desired SVI Product Groups
  8. Choose a Preferred Value Added Distributor (if you are also enrolling in CVR–Software Sales/Sales Assist, you will need to choose a Preferred VAD. If you are not participating in CVR–Software Sales/Sales Assist, choose either "IBM.COM" or "Distributor not Listed"
  9. Accept the Business Partner Agreement
  10. Complete the list of key company contacts
  11. Register sales people for the Integrity Training
  12. If requested, upload your company registration and tax registration documents
  13. Complete the Global Compliance Questionnaire
  14. Submit the request

Authorization to resell in Authorized countries

Authorization to resell IBM Software products is achieved at the Product Group level.
Business Partners can easily view up to date information on products authorized for sale through the reseller channel on the reseller Passport Advantage Online (PAO) site.
Once on the PAO site, choose the "price files" link and download the file for the desired country. These files include CVR information. There are both software and software as a service (SaaS) versions of these files.

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