IBM Software as a Service (SaaS) provides you with an urgent opportunity to strengthen your position as an expert in your customers' environments, collaboratively building a bridge to the future and fortifying you relationships--and profitability--for years to come. Leverage the resources and tools available to you as an IBM Business Partner, so you can quickly and safely build a cloud business plan and evolve your go-to-market strategy to reach more clients.

Business Models & Incentives

Discover the incentives available designed to help eligible IBM Business Partners earn more.

Provide Sales Assistance

IBM Referral Incentive for SaaS & Software

Own the customer relationship

IBM Solution Provider (SSP) - IBM SaaS

Resell authorized products

IBM Software Value Plus (SVP) SaaS

Resell authorized products

IBM Hosted SaaS Reseller Incentives

Influence authorized products

IBM Software Value Incentive (SVI) (SaaS)

Embed solutions for SaaS & on premise software

IBM Software Value Incentive (SVI) (SaaS)


Key resources to help you establish and grow your cloud business.

  • New rates as low as 0% for standalone prepaid SaaS Structures (annual or multi-year prepaid) IBM Global Financing for SaaS
  • For C-Level executives
  • On PartnerWorld University
  • Bridge to Cloud Sales Play

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