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DB2 for i5/OS

Developing Distributed applications with DB2 UDB for iSeries and Microsoft MTS

by Jarek Miszczyk
IBM eServer iSeries


This paper is a comprehensive guide to developing applications that use Microsoft® Transaction Services (MTS) for distributed transactions and store their data in the DB2® UDB for iSeriesTM database. The combination of a popular component and transaction broker, such as MTS, and a powerful database server, such as DB2 UDB for iSeries, can result in a scalable and robust software solution. This paper assumes that Microsoft’s COM components that use the ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO) are being developed to manipulate database objects. These components are registered under MTS and MTS uses the services of the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) for transaction coordination. The DTC is a Windows® service that manages transactions that can run across multiple database servers. The MTS communicates with the back-end database on the iSeries server through the Client Access ODBC driver. Please note that the Client Access ODBC driver does not support the OLE Transactions (OLE TX). Instead, it supports XA Transactions. MTS provides an OLE TX to XA mapper so that DB2 UDB for iSeries can be used as a database server. This paper assumes that you have a previous experience with developing COM components in Microsoft VisualBasic. Only the iSeries specific information will be covered in detail.

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