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Smarter computing


Federated Data Analytics brings data out of the back office into the front office, giving you direct access to the information you need to make strategic business decisions. It helps you make sense of massive volumes of big data, revealing important patterns and trends. With predictive analytics, you can find patterns of behavior hidden in the data you already have, and use that knowledge to influence top-line business results.

Value to clients

  • Align businesses around information – aim to create a single source of trusted, unified information:
    • Manage and store large, complex data sets more cost effectively
    • Integrate and govern data throughout its lifecycle
    • Deliver a single, trusted source of information
  • Anticipate behavior to predict and drive business outcomes:
    • Measure and monitor business performance
    • Model business trends and simulate scenarios
    • Predict and act on potential threats and opportunities
  • Act with confidence in real time by infusing the value of analytics across business processes:
    • Embed analytics within core business processes
    • Leverage real-time decision making
    • Employ systems that reason and learn

Value to Business Partners

  • Deliver innovative solutions to solve complex technology challenges
  • Cross-sell opportunity across software, hardware and services
  • Opportunity to engage clients on high-value initiatives

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