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zPDT support

The IBM System z® Personal Development Tool is an unwarranted application development tool which enables qualified IBM PartnerWorld independent software vendors (ISVs) to develop software for System z platform without the need for traditional System z hardware. Please note, zPDT is designed to create a virtual System z environment suitable for application development, and does not support all the technologies of a traditional System z server environment.

If you choose the ITC uPDT system from Information Technology Company, LLC (ITC):

The Ultimate Personal Development Tool (uPDT, a zPDT-based solution) from ITC comes complete as a working application development system, including server, software, and zPDT support. In addition, you can get a full range of services covering education, installation, customization, networking, and data management too.

For support, contact ITC.

If you choose to build your own zPDT-based system with zPDT technology hardware and software purchased through Information Technology Company, LLC:

The IBM System z Personal Development Tool 1090 USB hardware key has a one-year warranty against defects. This does not cover misuse or loss.

As with most software, there is no warranty against software defects, therefore the IBM System z Personal Development Tool software is unwarranted. New releases of this software will be provided as appropriate.

Other products, like the underlying hardware, Linux® operating system, or IBM software products, such as IBM Operating Systems, middleware and tools, are not bundled with zPDT and must be acquired separately in order to create a working application development system. Different products will have different options for support. Consult the table below for various issues.

Initial contact/ general support Information Technology Company, LLC (ITC) for a la carte services.

Contact the zPDT forum to help determine the nature of the issue. The forum is a simple discussion group, currently found at Yahoo Groups (link resides outside of The forum is intended for discussions about zPDT itself and ADCD questions. It is not intended as a vehicle for more complex "how to" issues related to System z operating systems and software products.
x86 hardware issue Contact your manufacturer
RedHat or Novell Linux issue Contact RedHat or Novell
USB hardware key defect If purchased from ITC, contact ITC.

If purchased from IBM, contact IBM 1800 IBM SERV for replacement - 1090 USB hardware key has a one-year replacement warranty against defects
USB hardware key mishandled No service, new purchase required
USB hardware key time cheat The hardware key (token) contains a mechanism to defeat time cheating. If the time on the machine becomes out of synch with the token, the zPDT might cease operation. Ensure that the clocks on your machine(s) are set reasonably close to avoid problems when moving the token between systems. If a time cheat problem cannot be remedied on its own (by waiting), then contact IBM.
ResourceLink issues Contact ResourceLink help (structure)
zPDT SW install, startup, configuration Contact ITC for a la carte services

Review zPDT Redbooks

Contact zPDT forum
zPDT SW defect If purchased from ITC, contact ITC

Contact the zPDT forum. Reports of zPDT software defects should use the forum or newsgroup that is monitored by IBM rather than the standard IBM software problem reporting channels.
zPDT SW code refreshes and upgrades Available through ITC at p390store (link resides outside of .
z/OS , z/VM, or z/VSE ADCD packaging Questions on the CONTENTS should be directed to . The ADCD Web site includes detailed system information, guidelines, migration, loading, reported problems, and hints and tips. ADCD refreshed periodically.
z/OS , z/VM, or z/VSE ADCD download support No IBM support – often none needed as this is built with latest maintenance and refreshed periodically.

Consult forum.
System z SW provided on ADCD or through other channels. No IBM Support – SW is provided on a non warranted license. ISVs are licensed to use the SW per the terms and conditions of the license but are not entitled to support.
Linux for System z Contact Linux distributor
Non-IBM products Contact vendor
General education zPDT Redbooks®

Contact zPDT forum

Contact Business Partner
Additional zPDT services Contact Information Technology Company, LLC (ITC) for additional services or software

NOTE: The Rational Developer and Test Environment for System z feature is available to commercial customers, IBM Business Partners, Systems Integrators, as well as ISVs. It currently supports 1-way or 3-way single image z/OS sandbox configurations only. The solution includes support. See your Rational Developer for System z software representative for additional terms and conditions.

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