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zPDT system requirements

The IBM System z® Personal Development Tool(zPDT) enables qualified IBM PartnerWorld Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to develop software for System z platform without the need for System z hardware. The zPDT technology creates a System z architecture environment allowing mainframe operating systems, middleware, and software to run unaltered on x86-compatible platforms.

zPDT technology consists of software which is authenticated and enabled by a USB hardware key (product number 1090-L01, 1090-L02, or 1090-L03). Other products, like the underlying hardware, Linux® operating system, and IBM software products, such as IBM Operating Systems, middleware and tools, are not bundled with zPDT technology and must be acquired separately in order to create a working application development system.

zPDT technology does not produce an environment equal to a larger System z. Some aspects of a larger system are unlikely to be met in any very small environment. These include the ability to verify and enhance the scalability of a program under development, run application programs that require hundreds of MIPS, or to use unique performance functions of a cryptographic adapter. A larger System z is needed for these areas of development. Likewise, a zPDT system is not recommended for very fine-level performance tuning that is sensitive to memory location, cache functions, and pipeline optimization. Larger System z machines have different characteristics than a zPDT at this level. In addition, the zPDT platform does not have the same quality of service as does a mainframe in terms of availability and connectivity. For these and other reasons, the zPDT environment is not intended as a full replacement for a larger scaled development system.

zPDT recommended minimum system requirements

For best results, the underlying system should have the following characteristics: The base system must be:

NOTE: Rational Development and Test Environment for System z (RD&T) feature has additional restriction to the use of the underlying zPDT function, supporting:

System tests

To determine if the system you have in-house is suitable for zPDT, download the test tool

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