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zPDT Pricing

The IBM System z® Personal Development Tool (zPDT) is a software-based application development technology from IBM for qualified IBM PartnerWorld® independent software vendor (ISV) members. The zPDT can enable a virtual System z architecture environment that allows mainframe operating systems, middleware and software to run unaltered on x86® and x86-compatible platforms (such as Lenovo Thinkpad® W Series or IBM System x™ 3500 or 3650 server, or systems otherwise approved by IBM).

The zPDT consists of software that is authenticated and enabled by a USB hardware key (product number 1090-L01, 1090-L02, or 1090-L03). The zPDT software does not work without the 1090 USB hardware key and the USB hardware key and software must be purchased together. The USB hardware key expires annually and must be re-certified.

The zPDT technology is priced PER SYSTEM (where the 'system' is defined by the number of 1090 security keys you have). Qualified ISVs can run any number of users and configurations on their zPDT-based systems.

zPDT configurations and pricing

Suggested retail price for the three configurations for zPDT technology :

Prices are suggested for US only. Prices for other countries and regions will vary. The above reflects the current IBM pricing. IBM reserves the right in its sole discretion to, among other things, change one or more of the foregoing without notice.If you are not comfortable with ordering the zPDT technology and building your own system, you may want to consider the Ultimate Personal Development Tool (uPDT) package offer from ITC. Additional information here Information Technology Company (link resides outside IBM)

To order zPDT, technology or the ITC uPDT solution, consult Information Technology Company, LLC (ITC) from the how to order page. ITC can provide you with zPDT solution pricing or services.

IBM PartnerWorld members who are approved for the IBM System z Developer Discount Program can receive zPDT as part of the System z Developer Discount offers (zDD). The zPDT is not for any other use outside of application development and support of application development for System z ISVs. For more information on the zDD, to join the zDD, and to get approvals for zPDT, see the IBM System z Developer Discount requirements page. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

NOTE: The Rational Developer for System z Unit Test (RDz-UT) feature is priced PER USER (per Authorized User Single Session). It currently supports 1-way or 3-way single image z/OS sandbox configurations only. You may run multiple users on one RDz-UT system, but must license each user. See your Rational Developer for System z software representative for additional terms and conditions.

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