Increase your skills, reduce your costs

Reduce costs! Purchase the IBM Value Package, an optional fee-based set of benefits that will help you attain the skills necessary for IBM Software Value Plus.

The IBM Value Package is offered at an initial fee of USD2500. The annual renewal cost is USD2250 if the subscription is renewed before it expires. Business Partners who purchase the IBM Value Package in their first six months of membership will be charged a special introductory rate of USD2250.

Included benefits

The IBM Value Package includes the benefits listed below, which are tiered by PartnerWorld membership level:

Benefits Registered Silver Gold Platinum
You Pass, We Pay certification reimbursement USD $6000 cap
(USD6000 per individual)
USD $15000 cap
(USD6000 per individual)
USD $50000 cap
(USD6000 per individual)
USD $75000 cap
(USD6000 per individual)
No charge software sales mastery test vouchers 6 12 20 40
Software access
Remote email technical support
Technical sales support

Ordering information

  • You must be the Authorized Profile Administrator for your company to order the Value Package.
  • Your company profile information must be current in PartnerWorld before you can order the Value Package. Incomplete or incorrect company name, mailing address, Primary Relationship Contact name, or VAT number (for countries that require one) in your PartnerWorld Profile may result in significant delay in processing your order. Update your PartnerWorld profile.
  • An Authorized Profile Administrator must accept the PartnerWorld Value Package Attachment before the Software Access Catalog benefits will be available to you. Depending on your country of residence, you may be required to sign the attachment in hard-copy format instead of electronic format
  • Once purchased, the Value Package covers all locations in the company’s country enterprise.
  • The Value Package subscription expires 12 months after the PartnerWorld Value Package Attachment is signed.
  • It may take up to 10 business days to process your online order.
  • The Value Package is available in most countries¹.

Business Partners who purchase a Value Package can request vouchers to take an IBM Software sales mastery test at no charge. This benefit helps Business Partners gain the skills needed for PartnerWorld membership level attainment and participation in IBM Software incentive programs at no charge.

The number of vouchers per company is based on your PartnerWorld membership level. You must have an active Value Package subscription to request a voucher, which must be used within six months after issue date:

PartnerWorld membership level Company total
Registered 6 max per year*
Silver 12 max per year*
Gold 20 max per year*
Platinum 40 max per year*


Voucher guidelines

  • Vouchers are good for six months. If you do not use the voucher within that time, it will be invalid.
  • Expired, unused vouchers cannot be replaced and will be counted as part of your allotment.
  • If your membership level changes, your voucher allotment will automatically reflect the change.
  • The number of vouchers issued is based on your PartnerWorld membership level and active Value Package subscription. You can request the maximum stated during each annual Value Package subscription.
  • You may only request one voucher at a time.
  • Voucher numbers can only be used once.
    • Vouchers are only valid for IBM Software sales mastery tests and cannot be used for assessment tests or certifications. Sales mastery tests numbers begin with “M2”.
    • Vouchers are not valid for Software Technical Mastery tests that begin with “P2”.

Purchase it!

The Value Package costs USD $2500 annually.

Renewal before expiration is USD $2250 and introductory rate for new Business Partners is USD $2250.