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New IBM flash and software defined storage
for transparent cloud tiering

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All new all-flash solutions
Storwize All-Flash, FlashSystem V9000

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Announcing new IBM flash and software defined storage for transparent cloud tiering - Nov 2

IBM Storage flash and software defined computing solutions bring speed, agility and efficiency to on-premises and hybrid cloud data infrastructures. IBM Storage is making exciting enhancements to our ability to deliver hybrid cloud storage for all clients' data and storage needs. We are announcing new solutions for Transparent Cloud Tiering using IBM Spectrum Virtualize, IBM Storwize, IBM FlashSystem V9000, VersaStack models and IBM DS8000.

  • Improve efficiency and agility by extending existing storage—almost 400 systems from IBM and others—with new hybrid cloud capability in systems built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Transform economics by converting CAPEX to OPEX using cloud storage to complement or replace on-premises storage
  • Accelerate business innovation with comprehensive IBM solutions offering hybrid cloud capability for all data and storage

IBM Storage will also support rapidly growing cognitive workloads with faster and denser flash solutions. Your clients will be able to:

  • Reduce space requirements for growing workloads  up to 66% with new high density flash enclosures in DS8880, Storwize family, FlashSystem V9000, VersaStack and SVC
  • Improve performance for mission-critical workloads up to 2x with new high performance DS8880 flash
  • Support growing flash workloads with up to 8x larger all-flash Storwize systems: up to 32PB of flash storage in only four racks

IBM Storage is also announcing all flash IBM DeepFlash Enterprise Storage Server. We are evolving the current ESS offering with new Dense Flash and Spectrum RAID Software in order to provide clients a new, all-flash based, network attached solution with vastly higher performance in a far smaller footprint. Clients will benefit from All-Flash for Scale-Out File and Object workloads. This offering integrates the industry proven IBM Spectrum Scale parallel file system with a new class of high density all-flash storage.

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Announcing new all-flash solutions on August 23

IBM Storwize V7000 Gen2+, Storwize All-Flash, FlashSystem V9000

IBM flash solutions keep getting better. IBM Storage is excited to announce new models for the Storwize all-flash family and FlashSystem V9000 on August 23, 2016. The new all-flash Storwize solutions deliver a perfect combination of high-performance and efficiency at very affordable pricing. Help your customers revitalize their data center with this introduction of cost-effective all flash solutions while leveraging their current infrastructure. They will be able to:

  • Improve business agility with unique heterogeneous data services that maximize efficiency and flexibility for almost 400 storage arrays.
  • Accelerate critical business insight with all-flash performance to improve core application response time
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by increasing the flash capacity for over 4x while delivering cost-efficient deployment, space savings and vastly improved OpEx.

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Announcing IBM DeepFlash 150™: Flash for Big Data

IBM Storage is pleased to announce IBM DeepFlash 150 on July 26, 2016, a high capacity offering that completess the IBM All Flash storage portfolio. DeepFlash 150 delivers breakthrough economics with an All Flash array at a disk-like acquisition price for large scale, unstructured data. This offering will be the entry point flash solution that can be bundled with Spectrum Scale for a scalable, software defined storage solution to meet all unstructured and big data storage requirements.
Now you can offer clients a petabyte-scale all-flash array combined with IBM Spectrum Scale for Exabyte-scale big data workloads.

The DeepFlash 150:

  • The power of insights by accelerating analytics through low latency, high-bandwidth flash offering that scales seamless
  • IT efficiency with ultra-dense an All Flash array that delivers up to 7PB in one rack space and 450W average per system enclosure
  • Streamlined data access, placement and retrieval across hybrid cloud storage when coupled with IBM Spectrum Scale's new transparent cloud tiering feature.

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Announcing IBM FlashSystem family's newest members

        IBM FlashSystem A9000
FlashSystem A9000 and A9000R
The new IBM FlashSystem A9000 & IBM FlashSystem A9000R accelerate your customers business, elevate the value of your cloud, and simplify your infrastructure. These new systems leverage grid scale architecture to deliver a full suite of flash optimized data reduction technologies including pattern reduction, inline deduplication and compression.

IBM FlashSystem A9000

IBM FlashSystem
IBM FlashSystem makes fast
storage simple
IBM FlashSystem A9000 is a highly parallel all-flash solution for the cloud-scale business. Harness the performance of highly parallel architecture and IBM® FlashCore™ technology in one innovative system. Optimize storage economics with pattern removal, inline compression and data deduplication. Prevent “noisy neighbor” problems with quality-of-service (QoS) features that support multi-tenancy and mixed workloads.


IBM FlashSystem A9000R

IBM FlashSystem A9000R is a grid-scale, all-flash storage platform designed to drive your business into the cognitive era. Accelerate data at scale with the extreme performance of grid architecture and IBM® FlashCore™ technology. Optimize storage economics with pattern removal, inline compression and data deduplication. Scale resources linearly to meet cloud, analytics and cognitive business requirements. Eliminate application silos with an integrated rack solution that can scale to support massive mixed workloads.


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