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Planned withdrawal of IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage Systems Specialties

The current IBM Power Systems and Storage Systems Specialty and Elite offerings are to be withdrawn from market on 31 December 2016

If you are a participant in these current IBM Specialty and Specialty Elite offerings during 4Q 2016, then your status will expire on 31 December 2016 and all benefits associated with these offerings will cease no later than 31 March 2017.

IBM will place you into an equivalent level in the IBM PartnerWorld competencies. You will be provided with a "grace period" to allow you time to complete any competency requirements which may be missing. During this period, you will become eligible to receive the benefits associated with the competency level for which you were placed by IBM.

As determined by your achievement, you may be promoted during this grace period and could move from the competency Specialist level to Expert level. Complete the requirements as detailed at the IBM PartnerWorld competency web pages as quickly as possible. If you are unable to meet the requirements of the competency, your level will be reset at the end of the grace period to a point that is supported by your achievements.

How will my IBM Specialty / Elite benefits be affected?

You will be entitled to start using the IBM Systems competency mark from 1 January 2017.

Further information regarding the criteria for the IBM Systems hardware competency offerings will be provided at the IBM PartnerWorld competency web pages and via IBM PartnerWorld communications.

Why PartnerWorld specialties?

Gain recognition for expertise in IBM technology and solution areas to drive greater revenue and improve customer value and visibility. Leverage the education and enablement roadmaps to help you qualify.

  • Power Systems

    Power Systems

    Drive differentiated strategies and operational excellence with Power Systems. Work towards specialty status to better leverage opportunities, earnings, and success.

  • System Storage

    System Storage

    Grow your IBM Storage business with a suite of benefits that reward for making significant investments in skills, certifications, and customer references.

Specialty Business Partner marks and certificates

IBM specialties provide access to a Specialty Business Partner mark and certificate which can be used to promote your achievement of a specialty.

Sample marks:

Business Partner Advanced Business Partner

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