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The Software Defined Environment is what's next!

A Software Defined Environment (SDE) optimizes the entire computing infrastructure — compute, storage and network resources — so that it can adapt to the type of work required. In today's environment, resources are assigned manually to workloads; that happens automatically in a SDE. In a SDE, workloads are dynamically assigned to IT resources based on application characteristics, best-available resources, and service level policies to deliver continuous, dynamic optimization and reconfiguration to address infrastructure issues. Underlying all of this are policy-based compliance checks and updates, in a centrally managed environment.

So, think integration, automation and optimization. Those are enablers to cloud delivery and analytics. SDE has the capability to accelerate business success by making a happy marriage between workloads and resources so you have a responsive, adaptive environment.

Deliver the SDE overview presentation with your clients, and learn more be listening to the web lectures:

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Watch these videos to see how SDE can improve automation, increase speed to market and assist improve overall IT performance.

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