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IBM Cloud – Your Way. Your Profit. Your Future.

In a world where technology is leveling playing fields and accelerating commoditization, IBM Cloud is the platform that elevates the capability and performance of people and organizations. IBM Cloud ensures seamless integration into public and private cloud environments, as well as provides a secure, scalable, and flexible infrastructure.

Critical to every businesses success story is the ability to adapt and evolve. The IBM Cloud evolution begins now – we’re invested in making changes that enable your ability to differentiate your business value, and gain a unique competitive advantage while maintaining flexibility and control.

IBM Cloud will help you do that with the most advanced data and cognitive capabilities on the planet by enabling you to invent how you want, not how your platform dictates –free to work your way, and free to adapt, by allowing you to keep control – owning your data and your uniqueness – so you monetize them.

Learn about Your Future with IBM Cloud

1.- Listen to Bill Karpovich, General Manager, IBM Cloud Platform and Meg Swanson, Vice President, Marketing, Bluemix & Softlayer, IBM Cloud, outline the plan to unify the cloud platform under the Bluemix brand to create a compelling brand story and seamless client journey. Listen to video.

2.- Access the IBM Cloud Unification Announcement webcast replay and FAQ's (PDF, 158KB). Important details including the phases of the IBM Cloud journey and your next steps as a valued IBM Business Partner were discussed. You can learn about exciting announcements made at World of Watson and the timeline of the integration leading up to the complete unveiling of the new IBM Cloud Brand on March 19, 2017 at IBM InterConnect.

IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix

IBM’s unified Cloud Platform helps you take your ideas to production and solve real problems! IBM Bluemix expands beyond PaaS combining infrastructure, applications and services for enterprises to create value faster and is the industry leading cognitive platform with solutions and toolsets customized by industry.

IBM SaaS (Software as a Service)

IBM SaaS (Software as a Service)

Future-proof your success without impacting your current business model, with IBM resources and tools, so you can quickly and safely build a cloud business plan and expertise, cultivate new services and IP from your unique value-adds and evolve your go-to-market strategy to reach more clients.

IBM Cloud Integration

IBM Cloud Integration

IBM Cloud Integration enables digital transformation across hybrid clouds and traditional IT, enabling rapid innovation, deployment and management of applications and processes across ecosystems.

IBM Bluemix Infrastructure

IBM Bluemix Infrastructure

IBM Bluemix Infrastructure (formerly known as IBM SoftLayer) offers the flexibility and choice to deploy cloud either on-premises, dedicated or shared. Fully automated cloud environments can be deployed in days instead of months. Bluemix Infrastructure helps IT leaders grow as trusted service providers by mastering hybrid cloud for digital transformation.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM Cloud Object Storage

Cloud Object Storage is the optimal way to store, manage, and protect unstructured content. Unstructured data represents the content that we use in many of our favorite applications – Think of Instagram, Pinterest, - Mobile, Collaborative applications – where we share pictures, videos, audio, etc. All of those require object storage. Get prepared to engage your clients by reading the announcement press release and watching the new video blog.

IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video

Get more with IBM Cloud Video. Combine robust video functionality with premium solutions, rich insights and unmatched analytics. Successfully converse with your clients about how IBM Cloud Video can help their business. On PartnerWorld, you'll find assets that will help you understand the market for cloud video along with the offerings and materials that will help you engage with your clients.

IBM Cloud Point of View

IBM Cloud Point of View (POV)

Learn how IBM can help you capture the opportunities on cloud!

  1. Listen to the Cloud POV (MP3, 00:18:09, 16.2MB)
  2. IBM Cloud Point of View (PPTX, 67MB)
IBM Cloud Commercial Segment

IBM Cloud Commercial Segment

The IBM Cloud Commercial Segment can help you maximize your earning potential through expanded revenue streams -- exclusive to Business Partner coverage. Learn how by accessing and leveraging top sales and marketing plays, offering information, campaigns, prospecting assistance, product mappings, and key industry assets and materials.

IBM Cloud Point of View

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Register Now! IBM sponsored Frost and Sullivan paper entitled "The Truth about Cloud Price-Performance: How Misperceptions about Service Costs Can Derail Your Cloud Strategy"

Deliver Cloud-based Services with SoftLayer-4Q 2015 and Next Milestones

Build a cloud app over lunch!

IBM Cloud SaaS Capabilities (00:01:21)

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Moving Collaboration to the Cloud: Now is the time.

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