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Sample AIX kernel extension

This sample code demonstrates how to create and use a simple kernel extension on the IBM AIX® platform. After the kernel extension is loaded, they can be called from a user space application. In this case, when the kernel extension is called, the following actions take place:

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# make Makefile

Testing the kernel extension

Load the kernel extension from the command line prompt.
# ./loadkernext -l hello_world.kex
Its kmid is 0x2c8e204.

Note: You can also view a list of all loaded kernel extensions by using the command genkex.

Run the main program
# ./main
hello_world kernel extension returned 999

A log file names sample.log is created.

To unload the kernel extension
# ./loadkernext -u hello_world.kex


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About the author(s)

Alfredo (Freddie) Mendoza is an IT Specialist in the ISV Business Strategies and Enablement Group within the IBM Systems and Technology Division with more than 19 years in Application Architecture and Management experience. His current work involves working with Independent Software Vendors to port and migrate their applications into IBM cross platform operating systems offerings. Prior to his current position, Mr. Mendoza worked in IBM’s Global Services, AIX Kernel development organizations and worked as an independent consultant for different software development organizations. Mr. Mendoza has authored and co-authored several patent invention publications on “thread management,” and “software algorithms”. He is a co-author of the “Unix to Linux Porting” book and author of the book “Utility Computing Technologies, Standards and Strategies”.

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