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IBM Ingredient Brand mark

Highlight IBM technologies embedded in Business Partner solutions

NEWS! The Ingredient Brand mark will be sunset on December 31, 2016. The mark should be removed from Business Partner web pages by February 28, 2017 and from print/collateral by March 31, 2017. No additional requests for this mark will be accepted as of October 15.

See information on the new Compentencies introduced for 2017 to indicate high-value capabilities. Each competency will have a corresponding mark.

EnhancedThe IBM Ingredient Brand mark ‘enhanced’ was developed by IBM to allow Business Partners to identify embedded and innovative technology, software and/or services from IBM that play a major part in the Business Partner solution. Cloud implementations by solution and service providers are a major focus for the application of this mark. The mark utilizes the IBM peel-back logo artwork, part of the IBM ingredient branding.


The IBM Ingredient Brand mark ‘enhanced’ is offered to qualified Business Partners that meet the following requirements:

If you already have a solution and customer reference in the Global Solution Directory that meets the above eligibility criteria, please send a note to: and IBM will investigate.

Due to the important deployment of cloud solutions and implementations, these are major areas of focus for the Ingredient brand - enhanced mark.

The Ingredient brand - enhanced mark is associated with the verified solution and should be used as such on collateral and Web pages which promote the solution.


The IBM Ingredient Brand mark ‘enhanced’ is an extension of the benefits provided to Business Partners for the submission of a solution in the Global Solutions Directory.

Business Partner mark generator

An easy to use on-line tool that enables you to customize the Business Partner mark to show some or all of your specific achievements. The IBM Ingredient Brand mark ‘enhanced’ is available in the Business Partner Mark Generator tool for qualified Business Partners.

Ingredient mark usage guidelines

Detailed guidelines on how to use the IBM Ingredient enhanced mark correctly in various printed and online communication formats.


Business Partner marks

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