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2014 priorities for IBM Business Partners

Get a high-level overview of IBM PartnerWorld's 2014 priority areas so you can get started on incorporating them in your own business.


A few years ago when IBM established its 2015 strategic roadmap, business analytics and cloud computing were at its core. Today, big data has become one of the planet's new natural resources and new advances in analytics enables us to mine data more effectively than ever before. Cloud computing has come of age allowing us to deliver on-demand computing which brings with it new efficiencies and more agile ways of doing business. And then there's social and mobile, which with devices in hand has created a new platform in which we all work. It's fast, convenient, and is another new wave in how we all do business. But, as always, expert integrated systems are at the foundation, changing the experience and economics of IT.

As an innovation company, IBM is continuously changing its business mix toward higher-value, more profitable technologies, and market opportunities. And through these advanced technologies, IBM Business Partners are reaching new markets and buyers and delivering the innovation that a smarter planet demands.

Priority areas

  •  Big Data & Analytics

    Big Data & Analytics

    The amount of data in the world is growing every second, and taking on more forms—structured and unstructured, in motion and at rest. Big data holds valuable insights that can transform a business. But without analytics, big data is just noise. Running analytics on this wide range of data gives a more vivid picture of your business and the forces that affect it.

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

    An IT delivery and consumption model where IT services are delivered over the network using virtualized, standardized, automated, and scalable resources. Services allow end-user control, self-management, and a pay per use model.

  • Expert integrated systems

    Expert Integrated Systems

    Systems with integrated expertise that combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance.

  •  IBM MobileFirst

    IBM MobileFirst

    Innovative businesses are becoming mobile enterprises. They connect with mobile customers, build insights through more powerful analytics, deliver more convenient and relevant engagements, and improve management and customer service with seamless integration of front-end functionality and back-end data.

  • Social Business

    Social Business

    A social business activates networks of people to create a business that is engaged, nimble, transparent and can deliver unprecedented return for the time invested.

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