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IBM portable utilities for i

5733-SC1 -- IBM portable utilities for i

LPO 5733-SC1 -- IBM portable utilities for i -- is available for IBM i users. The 5733-SC1 LPO contains the OpenSSH, OpenSSL and zlib open source packages ported to IBM i using the PASE for i runtime environment.

Why use the OpenSSH secure shell?

TCP/IP connectivity applications such as telnet and ftp transmit data and passwords over the network in plain text. This means that the data and passwords can be intercepted and read by other users on the network. The SSH (secure shell) protocol suite is a software solution that provides secure alternatives for telnet and ftp. SSH verifies the authenticity of both the client and server and all of the data (including userids and passwords) is encrypted as it travels on the network. This encryption is done transparently to the end user.

OpenSSH is the open source implementation of the SSH protocol suite. OpenSSH is widely available for use on many other platforms including Linux, AIX and z/OS. The OpenSSH development team maintains web pages at: OpenSSH. (link resides outside of

Hints and tips for using OpenSSH

OpenSSL and zlib

OpenSSH requires the OpenSSL and zlib open source libraries in order to function. A user can write PASE for i applications that call OpenSSL or zlib APIs.

OpenSSL is a toolkit that implements the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Refer to the OpenSSL (link resides outside of web pages for more information.

zlib is a set of data compression APIs. Refer to the zlib web pages (link resides outside of for more information.

Miscellaneous information

NLS information:

There is only a single English build available, however this single build does include these translations of the OpenSSH messages which will be used based on the LANG and NLSPATH environment variable settings:

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (link resides outside of

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