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IBM Pre-Sales Advisor Tool

The one-stop shop for IBM Business Partners that simplifies ease of doing business

You are a Power & Storage Partner? Then the Pre-Sales Advisor Tool is offering a one-stop shopping experience which makes it easier to register a deal and build (in some countries) price or source a selection of IBM's solutions for Power and Storage. The tool is currently available in North America, Europe and MEA, the Asia Pacific geographies and Japan.

Logon to the Pre-Sales Advisor Tool

To register for PSAT access, please contact your IBM Country Administrator as requested or Register For PSAT Access

What is Pre-Sales Advisor Tool?

Designed to increase efficiency, Pre-Sales Advisor Tool is a simple-to-use, Web-enabled solution that provides quick access to IBM’s pre-sales information and tools for Power & Storage. This fully integrated and interactive portal offers a high speed self-service “One Stop Shop” experience and allows you to:

Key features include:

Pre-Sales Advisor Tool public site to get a first taste!

Available to support end-user customers and potential new Business Partners, the public site is accessible without a user id or password. The public site home page is designed to support non-technical users and provides a subset of information available on the entitled site.

Access to the public site for Pre-Sales Advisor Tool (link resides outside of

See for yourself what Pre-Sales Advisor Tool offers you

" allows someone with limited technical knowledge to qualify an opportunity and provide the best solution. This will definitely improve the quality of solutions provided to ends users." Avnet, Australia

"...integrating tools in a central process is the best idea I have heard from a vendor for the last 10+ years!" Bell Micro, Netherlands

"A huge step in the right direction..."CDW, US

"IBM is taking a step in the right direction and leading in some respect in putting together a single Portal for learning/sales/configurations/etc" Zones, US

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The Live Chat service is usually available during normal business hours. Use the \"Contact us\" email link to send us an email now.