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IBM Business Partner marks

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The IBM Business Partner marks form an integrated visual system that enables you to visually demonstrate the breadth and depth of your relationship with IBM and your specific achievements and expertise.

The system has two major components: the base mark, which includes your membership level, and the achievements, which show particular specialties, authorizations and other achievements your company has earned.

IBM Business Partner Mark

IBM Business Partner Mark

The main design characteristics of the IBM Business Partner mark are:

Versions for each membership level

There is a unique version of the base mark for each membership level: member, advanced and premier.

Business Partner member Business Partner advanced Business Partner premier



Firm level achievements are enhancements to the base Business Partner mark that can be leveraged to represent specific specialties, authorizations, capabilities, or awards. They demonstrate the breadth and depth of your relationship with IBM and your specific areas of expertise.

Depending on the medium and the marketing situation, you can use the base mark, or add some or all of your achievements. The Business Partner Mark Generator tool enables you to select just the ones you want and tailor the mark for a particular use. Some examples are shown below.

Advanced Business Partner Business Partner Advanced Business Partner Advanced Business Partner Premier Business Partner

Access to the Business Partner mark is set automatically according to your membership level. The choices available in the Business Partner Mark Generator tool reflect your eligibility for a mark and your achievements entitlements, according to your profile in the PartnerWorld Profile System (PPS).

If you are not eligible for any marks, no marks will be visible to select when you access the tool.

Please refer to the IBM Business Partner Identity System guidelines (PDF, 9 MB) for detailed guidance on eligibility and usage. The images shown are representative examples of these marks and are not intended to show all possible variations.

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