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pyramidIBM PartnerWorld is the organizing framework for delivering valuable benefits to help you succeed in the marketplace and strengthen our mutual relationship. Participation levels include Member, Advanced and Premier.

Joining offers you access to the benefits you need to begin building and selling IBM-based solutions to better meet your clients' needs. Through PartnerWorld you can develop deeper consultative selling and solution skills - a must in today's market. This path not only leads to higher margins and greater competitive advantages, but opens the door to new and more complex opportunities associated with a Smarter Planet.

You can move up the PartnerWorld levels by demonstrating success and earning points through:

Become an IBM Business Partner today

The PartnerWorld Program has enhanced its criteria. For details on the enhancements please visit 2014 Program Enhancements for details

Member level

pyramidMember level requires minimal commitment - simply complete the online registration form and accept the PartnerWorld agreement. There is no charge to join. In return, IBM provides support covering a broad portfolio of IBM products and technologies.

Member-level Business Partners are recognized and rewarded with access to a comprehensive set of benefits and resources including:

Advanced level

pyramid Advanced level Business Partners have demonstrated a high level of skills and market success. They are committed to maintaining a prosperous business relationship with IBM.

Advanced members of PartnerWorld get all the benefits of the Member level plus additional high value benefits including:

Premier level

pyramidPremier Business Partners have demonstrated superior skills and market success. They actively collaborate with IBM to deliver significant client value through innovative solutions.

Premier members of PartnerWorld get all the benefits of the Member and Advanced level plus additional high value benefits including:

Detailed qualification criteria

Qualification for membership levels is based on your company's attainment according to the points table. Points are earned by demonstrating skills through certifications and verified solutions, driving IBM revenue, new client wins, publishing client references and achieving customer satisfaction.

Membership level across a Worldwide Enterprise

Although PartnerWorld membership leveling is achieved at the country enterprise level, Business Partners with subsidiaries* in multiple countries can carry a higher membership level than attained in any one country based on a higher membership level attained by another country enterprise. To take advantage of this functionality, your company's country enterprise records must be grouped under a common Worldwide enterprise record. Contact PartnerWorld if you need assistance with your Worldwide enterprise. The rules for sharing membership levels across a Worldwide enterprise are slightly different for Advanced and Premier level.

For Advanced level, if at least one country enterprise has achieved Advanced level, all country enterprises associated with the Worldwide enterprise will receive Advanced level status. The Advanced level will be retained across the Worldwide enterprise until one of the country enterprises makes Premier, at which time the Premier rules would apply, or until the achieved level of all country enterprises drops to Member level.

For Premier level, if at least one country enterprise has achieved Premier level, all country enterprises associated with the Worldwide enterprise will receive Advanced level status, at a minimum. Any country enterprise associated with this Worldwide enterprise who meets the minimum skills required for Premier level, even though they haven't met the other requirements, will receive Premier level. The Premier levels will be retained until:

  1. The country enterprise that met the Premier criteria drops, at which time all the country enterprises will drop to Advanced or Member depending on the drop for the country enterprise which carried the Premier level, or
  2. The country enterprise(s) with minimum Premier skills no longer meets the minimum skill requirement.

*To qualify as a subsidiary in this context, the Business Partner parent/ headquarters must have greater than 50% ownership in each of the subsidiaries.

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