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Verified Business Partner Solution


A Verified Business Partner Solution is a two step process that can earn you up to 8 PartnerWorld skill points. The verification process is simply the verification that your solution is installed at a client site running on strategic IBM technologies and a technical/marketing assessment of that solution to verify the nominated IBM products are being used correctly.

For Business Partners delivering their solution or services via the Cloud, it is verification that the service provided includes one or more qualifying IBM hardware, software, or service products.

Point accumulation and business rules

A Verified Business Partner Solution awards either 4 or 8 PartnerWorld skill points. If your end-user client is using your solution and one qualified IBM product or service, you can earn 4 skill points. If your end-user client is using your solution and two qualified IBM products or services, you can earn 8 skill points.

When submitting a solution for verification to earn skill points you should consider the following three rules:


  • Go to the Global Solutions Directory (GSD)
  • Submit a solution for verification and log in with your PW ID and password

Once your request is completed, the submission must go through a two step verification process.

Step #1 - Technical/marketing verification: The Business Partner must represent the IBM product and/or service within their company's solution web page(s) and/or by attaching collateral to their solution within the Global Solutions Directory (GSD). NOTE: The collateral and/or web page must mention both the solution by name and the IBM product to be verified.

Step #2 - The IBM geography team specific to the client's location will contact the end user client to confirm the solution with the IBM product/service is in production and to verify the other submitted details. These details may include, but are not limited to installation date, benefits of solution, business needs, and satisfaction with both the solution and IBM product/service.

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