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Become an IBM services-only Business Partner

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To apply, email PartnerWorld contact services. For questions, contact us.

Here are the offering categories that you can sell.

Maintenance and technical support services

IBM offers maintenance and technical support services that help clients increase availability and simplify management in their IBM and multivendor environments. IBM leverages its global support capabilities to deliver support services when and where clients need it.

Success in business demands a high-performance IT infrastructure that drives daily operations and business innovation initiatives. Clients need reliable support to help keep their IT infrastructures and businesses running smoothly, and they need a trusted resource that they can work with to develop a long-term IT strategy.

The maintenance and technical support services service product line provides integrated, rapid, reliable and proactive solution support services as well as automated technical support. These services are designed to help increase IT system availability and optimize post-sale hardware and software support in client's complex, multivendor environments. Through these services, clients can achieve top-line business growth and improve the overall performance of their IT infrastructures.

The services include the following:

  • IBM Hardware Maintenance Services
  • IBM Managed Support Services
  • IBM Software Support Services
  • IBM Solution Support Services

Maintenance and technical support services from IBM can help clients:

  • Realize greater business value from their IT systems while reducing support costs
  • Reduce downtime risks and protect against outages
  • Free up IT support spending so it can be applied to other IT investments
  • Improve their IT staff productivity by automating or eliminating time-consuming tasks
  • Accelerate time to value for new IT investments

Business continuity and resiliency services

Business continuity and resiliency services can help clients keep their critical business processes running under virtually any condition, delivering:

  • A suite of services that can enable clients to maintain continuous business operations so they can remain a trusted provider to their customers and partners
  • A comprehensive approach that can help clients identify, understand and manage the risks associated with business, data and events, which can enable resiliency across all layers of their business
  • A set of services that enables clients to better avoid, prepare for and recover from a disruption to their IT and work area environment.

News headlines about natural and man-made disasters and outages have sensitized many clients to the need to develop adequate business resilience plans. Many CIOs believe that they have workable plans, but traditional approaches to disaster recovery often focus only on restarting and restoring the infrastructure and data. They do not account for business process disruption, nor do they consider the overall business impact of downtime. Clients understand what is at stake, but they often don’t have all the resources – time, funding and expertise – to develop solutions themselves.

IBM has developed an array of services to help organizations assess their disaster preparedness, respond to regulatory requirements, ensure that systems and data are highly available, and manage disasters when they do occur. IBM harnesses its hands-on experience with technologies, business processes, applications and infrastructures, as well as experience handling real-life disasters, to help clients create integrated, security-rich, flexible resiliency programs.

Services include the following:

  • IBM Information Protection Services
  • IBM Infrastructure Recovery Services
  • IBM Resiliency Consulting Services

Business continuity and resiliency services from IBM can help clients:

  • Design the right continuity program for their needs and risk tolerance levels
  • Leverage IBM’s credibility and gain a sense of trust that they can transfer to their customers and supply chain partners, helping to ease the concerns of shareholders and regulators
  • Protect their processes, data and brands.

Security services

IBM delivers a simplified and comprehensive suite of solutions that address a broad range of security challenges – from the core to the perimeter – for businesses across virtually all industries. IBM Security Services and products have been unified to form a powerful portfolio to help clients with their business critical security, privacy and compliance needs.

Clients need to protect their data and intellectual property as a matter of survival, and for many, information security is also a matter of compliance with industry and government mandates. However, the ever-evolving nature of security threats and the limited internal expertise of many clients can negatively affect their security stance.

IBM Security Services comprises professional services, security software and appliances, and managed security services. It addresses key customer security requirements with a comprehensive approach designed to help clients lower costs and reduce overall vulnerabilities and threats.

Services include the following:

  • Managed security services
  • Professional security services
  • Security products

IBM Security services can help clients:

  • Lower the risks to critical information posed by external threats and insider attacks
  • Respond rapidly to emerging threats with preemptive protection
  • Configure and integrate products to support maximum protection
  • Focus IT efforts on more strategic activities

Server product services

IBM provides a comprehensive range of server services designed to help clients ensure that their server environments deliver the highest business value possible. We help clients establish server strategies, consolidate servers, optimize costs, enhance IT staff skills and leverage evolving technologies. And we help them manage and enhance the processes, organizational structures and governance models supporting their server environments.

Many IT departments are overwhelmed by infrastructures composed of multiple platforms and heterogeneous configurations spread across business functions. Clients are assessing the steps they can take to reduce their TCO and simplify their existing infrastructures while continuing to provide optimal service.

The Server Services service product line helps clients effectively assess, design, implement and manage their computing environments – with a focus on optimizing the utilization, cost, availability, security and system management of their data centers and distributed environments.

Server Services are organized into the following categories:

  • IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services
  • IBM Server Managed Services

Server Services from IBM can help clients:

  • Maintain high application availability for critical business requirements
  • Respond more rapidly to changing business requirements
  • Decrease downtime and, in turn, extend business continuity
  • Reduce TCO and spur higher ROI for applications and infrastructure
  • Speed deployment of new technologies
  • Improve asset management
  • Better comply with regulations

Storage and data services

Clients need to derive more value from their information and use that information to support decision making and innovation. They also want flexibility, cost-efficiency and resilience in their storage and data environments. To address these goals, IBM offers a comprehensive line of services that help clients improve their storage and data infrastructures and management capabilities.

Clients are experiencing exponential growth in data volume as they increase their reliance on IT for business operations, deploy new applications and strive to meet regulations concerning data retention. Keeping up with constant change and growth forces companies to continually revise their strategies, adopt new technologies and provide greater accessibility to data.

The storage and data services service product line addresses storage and data needs from assessment and planning to design, implementation and management.

Services include the following:

  • IBM Data Migration Services
  • IBM Data Mobility Services
  • IBM Storage and Data Managed Services
  • IBM Storage and Data Product Services
  • IBM Storage Optimization and Integration Services
  • IBM Storage Services for Cloud Computing

Storage and data services from IBM can help your clients:

  • Manage growth more effectively
  • Better align infrastructure costs with information value
  • Simplify the storage and data environment
  • Improve their ability to comply with regulations and enhance security
  • Enable business continuity and establish efficient backup and recovery policies
  • Support current business requirements while preparing for the future.

Integrated Managed Services (IMS)

Integrated Managed Services solve many of the skills and technology challenges facing enterprises that need to deploy applications and operate business processes over the Web. Our offerings provide a broad spectrum of services and solutions … from outsourcing the entire solution to just handling a piece of the solution.

IBM has designed a portfolio of Business Partner programs to enable companies to sell Integrated Managed Services in a way that meets their needs. A services-only Solution Provider relationship enables Business Partners to pass leads, sell IBM-branded solutions for a fee and subcontract hosting or Applications on Demand to IBM for delivery..

IBM Global Business Services (GBS)

Combines world-class industry and business process insight with leading technology expertise, providing clients with superior strategic change and solutions deployment onsite, outsourced or on demand.

IBM Global Business Services offers Lead Pass Fee and Closed Contract Fee models to Business Partners.

Relationship criteriaSystems and servicesServices only (acquired from IBM)Services only (acquired from a distributor)
Services two-year minimum revenue attainment n/a USD 200K (IMS)
USD 500K (Global Technology Services)
Incorporated in United States Yes Yes Yes
Minimum number of employees 3 3 3
Services references 2 2 n/a
On-going pipeline of services opportunities Yes Yes No
Proven track record selling and/or delivering complex services No Yes No
Teaming modelsSystems and servicesServices only (acquired from IBM)Services only (acquired from a distributor)
Lead Pass (fee for lead) Yes Yes Yes
Remarketer Yes Yes Yes
Closed Contract Fee Yes Yes Yes
Prime Contractor1 Yes Yes No
IBM as a Subcontractor2 Yes Yes Yes


(1) Available to Business Partners acquiring services directly from IBM. Limited to IMS offerings only.

(2) Limited offerings supported

(Note: An IBM ID and password are required. For best performance, Internet Explorer is the recommended internet browser for the application form.)

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