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Effective messaging development and sales presentation skills

About this resource

A global thought leader in business communications, Mandel Communications can transform anyone into a results-getting communicator -- a professional who can engage others; craft a compelling message; and communicate it with clarity, credibility and influence in any setting.

Mandel provides skills training workshops (both virtually and in classroom settings) for sales professionals, technologists and other technical professionals that helps them convey and communicate their thoughts and messages more effectively in all communication scenarios: every consultation, every proposal, every briefing, every meeting, every presentation. Each of these scenarios is an opportunity to accelerate the sales cycle or stop it dead in its tracks.

In the Mandel workshop, “Effective Sales Presentation Skills”, you’ll master the art and science of creating and delivering remarkable presentations with confidence, credibility, clarity and ease. In this workshop, you’ll deliver career-enhancing presentation skills that get bottom-line results.

In the Mandel workshop, “Creating Clear and Compelling Messages”, you’ll learn how to craft and communicate listener-centric messages that prove you worthy of the time and attention of your customers and colleagues. In this virtual workshop, you’ll gain a Blueprint ® (personal communications framework) for effortlessly structuring and delivering messages that build rapport and trust with listeners

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