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Outbound calling acceleration for your sales teams

About this resource

Make your sales reps much more productive

Using our outbound calling solution, your sales reps will average 7 to 10 live conversations with named prospects on your list in one hour.

Live agents navigate voice mail, phone directories and gate-keepers, and 'hot transfer' calls in milliseconds. There is no delay or noise on the line, and the agents never speak directly to prospects.

As a reseller, Direct Impact Marketing provides training, consulting, data and email marketing services to enhance your use of this outbound calling solution from ConnectAndSell.

Expenses for these services may be eligible for reimbursement via the IBM Co-marketing program. Please contact your IBM representative to determine your eligibility for Co-marketing funding.

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"The ConnectAndSell solution provides Vicom’s inside sales team with an effective tool for accelerating outbound calling and enables us to effectively get in front of prospects. The ConnectAndSell program is very successful for us and we just renewed again."

Victor Verola, Vice President of Sales
Vicom Computer Services Inc.
IBM Premier Business Partner

"Our sales team has seen a huge increase in sales productivity using ConnectAndSell. We can count on ConnectAndSell to deliver more live conversations in one hour than two days of manual calling. Direct Impact Marketing has provided invaluable data, email marketing and training services to support our program."

Jennifer Childs, Marketing Director
Integrated Archive Systems, Inc.
IBM Premier Business Partner

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