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Country enterprise - PartnerWorld level summary

IBM PartnerWorld Profiling System User Guide


PartnerWorld level summary in the PartnerWorld Profiling System (PPS) contains all the information regarding your achievement of specific skills required to maintain or achieve either Advanced or Premier membership level. In addition to listing your skills achievements, this view also contains information on the status of your IBM Partner Plan, revenue and customer satisfaction results. However, you can now obtain Premier level without having a Partner Plan. You can also obtain Premier status by applying only your skills points in any combination of certification, verified solution points, and verified industry solution points.

A key benefit for global companies is that the worldwide enterprise allows you to leverage a greater IBM contribution in one country, to automatically attain a higher PartnerWorld level in a small country, with minimum skills.

In PPS, the PartnerWorld benefit level is your current PartnerWorld level based on the results of your PartnerWorld level assessment. The PartnerWorld achieved level is the PartnerWorld level your company is entitled to as a result of the PartnerWorld dynamic requalification.

Dynamic re-qualification keeps your PartnerWorld level current by automatically assessing your qualifications:

For detailed explanation of how PartnerWorld levels are attained, visit the Membership levels page.


To review PartnerWorld level summary information:

PartnerWorld level summary also provides you with the following information:

For Industry Solution specialty, Business Partners must demonstrate specific skills for the given industry incorporating the use of both IBM hardware and IBM middleware products. More information about the requirements for Industry Solution Specialty can be found on the Industry Solutions specialty web page.

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