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Country enterprise reports

IBM PartnerWorld Profiling System User Guide


Country enterprise reports allow you to generate the following reports:

The output of each report is a .csv file. These reports are available to the APA and allow Business Partners to better understand their PPS data and make it easier to keep the data current.


To generate a hierarchy, employee, or skills report:

  1. Select the Country enterprise Reports link to display a list of available reports. of available reports.
  2. Select the report you want to generate.
  3. Select the fields you want to display in the report.
  4. Click Download report.
  5. When prompted, select to either open or save the report.

To generate a Reseller report:

  1. Select the country enterprise Reports link to display a list of available reports.
  2. Select the Reseller report link. The Reseller report page displays listing the country enterprise resellers. Note: The reseller is a hyperlink that displays the full address of the reseller as well as the Product Groups for which the reseller is approved.
  3. Click Download complete report on CSV file to view a complete list of all of the distributor's SWVN and Software Authorized resellers for that country enterprise.

Country enterprise - Work with entitlements


The Work with entitlements page enables you to work with your entitlements.

Country enterprise - Add a Country enterprise


You can click Add a country enterprise to add a country enterprise to the worldwide enterprise.

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